Homeschooling supplies?

Question:I was wondering where I can find educational games media and things you find in a everyday classroom for child education.

you dont say how old your child or children so i hope these answers are least they are a good starting point. (educational supplies)
abcsupply(educational supplies)
office supply stores(staples, office depot)
online and many others go to and enter the age group you are looking for and add some phrase like "school supplies" or "educational ideas" so for example "elementary educational supplies" "preschool math ideas" into the search field and see what you come up with ...also maybe ask some of the local libraries if they have some teacher ideas books (many do) and use some ideas from there...the idea of home schooling is to use what your child likes and develop a educational program around that idea.also many religious based home schooling programs have their own websites and materials you can order like Abekabooks and several others too.

good luck
You have those things in every book store...
If you are looking for a wide variety of items priced competitively ebay is the best place to look for educational supplies.
Most office supply stores have stuff that you need..also in most large towns there is one store where teachers all get their supplies..Call one of your local schools and ask them. My sister gets some of her stuff from
I use this web site for free samples I use as a tutor-you can register for your self and order educational materials:
See all of this week's samples here— Has everything
You know, Walmart of all places has a great line of workbooks and manipulatives, all the counting bears, letter tiles, etc that you need to start with. Target has quite a bit as well, and the Dollar Tree right now for back-to-school has EVERYTHING you need to set up a classroom. It's only until the middle of September, but we've gotten a lot there if you happen to have one close by. Look for a Mardel's in your area, they usually have a large supply of secular as well as religion based supplies. Lakeshore Learning center is the pinnacle, but many office supply stores and book stores have some cool stuff. TJ Maxx and Ross Dress for Less always has a large variety of computer games, i don't know why, and they are really affordable.
You might also look to your local library, ours has book sales every four months or so, and you'd be amazed by what you can find there. Our local homeschool group has sales, where you can rent a table and sell all your supplies , books etc, twice a year, and it's quite handy!

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