Can my daughter stay at her pre-school if we move to a diff. city? How does that work? I can still drive her.?

Question:My husband and I are looking to move to a different city but our daughter just started pre-school for the first time and I really like the school she attends. I just don't know how all of that stuff works? Can she still go there if I take her or is there like an additional fee or something? The school that she goes to is rated one of the tops and I like it cause the classes are smaller but also she liked it and we saw so many before choosing this one. So if anyone knows how the school thing works please let me know.


Does your child attend a private school or a public school? If it a private school, there is no problem with her staying there. But public schools have residency requirements. Since you are moving out of town you will be moving into another school district or atleast a boundary for another school. Keeping her where she is would be illegal and unfair to those who actually live in the district. If you are not sure what district you are moving into, call the city hall where you will be moving and ask them. That information should also be on the real estate listing for any houses you are looking to buy.
yes you can keep your daughter there
u have to go talk the school about it its different everywhere like i am in high school in a city in alabama and if we live in a city that the school ain't in we can't go there we have to go to the school in the district
sorry i dont know what city you in or moving to
but here in england i child has to go to a school withing a 3 to 5 mile radius (catchment area)
awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, u have a daughter. LUCKY YOU!!!
I am not quite sure if that will work out.
Because, where I live..
I must transfer schools if we are far away from it.
If it's a private school she can be flown in from East Jabip. If it's public she will need to meet residency requirements.
A good idea would be to phone the school.
Also if you are in a different city have you thought about the fact that when your child is invited to a birthday party or play date you will be driving back and forth ?
She should still be able to stay there. Pre-school is different that regular school. You are not obligated to have your daughter attend. Once she starts regular school than that is a whole different ballgame. I would talk to the admisitrator at the pre-school just to make sure. It will probably make you feel better as well. Remember now-a-days you can have your child attend almost anywhere. I know that when my son was in grade 2, he went to a school in a different town that what we lived in even though we had a school just down the street from us. We just talked to the principal and they allowed it because I worked in that town and couldn't get home in time to pick him up. So, like I said talk to the administrator. Good Luck!
Depends on what state your in, but most states have zoned districts and if you move out of the zone, then you have to register your child in the new zone. Check with your school's district office.

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