Wat things for give pre nursery teacher day?

Question:Can help me coz teacher day coming this saturday but i dont know give wat things for my son teacher day. My son is pre nursery. Wat thing teacher like it?

I was a preshool teacher (3-year-olds and Pre-K) and am now a Preschool Director. One of the best things that parents can always give are gift cards to places like Target, Wal-Mart and the Parent-Teacher store (or another store like that in your area).

We often have to purchase things for our classrooms with our own money and we don't get reimbursed, so gift cards are terrific!

Also, any kind of stickers, school supplies, etc. are always helpful.
I found some wooden angel statues at Hallmark for my daughters teachers. They were very simple but nice. I am not sure if they are still there, but I would suggest going to Hallmark..they have good teacher gift ideas there.
Candles, gift cards, flowers, bottles of wine..they also like homemade stuff that you could get your child to make
Gift cards for restaurants or stores that way they can get something the really want or need.
A gift certificate to walmart. That way she can buy her own and you look a good person.

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