Potty Training!! HELP ME!!?

Question:Ok so I have been trying to potty train my 2 1/2year old daughter. She is off to preschool and I would like her to atleast get the jist of it. She has been doing ok so far. Like she is familiar with the potty and has gone on it a few times. We have been working on it for about a week and a half. I would just like some tips on how to get her to go more often and how to teach her when she has to go.

You could put fruit loops or another coloured cereal in the toilet and ask her to "pee on the loops".

It sounds silly, but kids love games and if it's fun to her, she'll more likely want to do it.

Also, potty training is something that is often done out of convenience. Sometimes, if a child doesn't take to potty training right away, it might mean they simply aren't ready. In cases such as preparing for preschool, talk to the teachers about how they encourage the use of toilets for the younger kids.

She'll catch on. :)
In my expericence i've learned that it almost full proof to have another female relative that is close with you and your daughter to be a part of the process. I have 2 girls and 3 boys and my girls were the easiest to potty train. I used a very close aunt who purchased very pretty undergarments for my daughters and explaind that young ladies must always keep their undergraments intact..of course.. I bought them but the positive reinforcment meant so much to my girls that one even stopped wetting the bed after a overnight visit with this specail aunt. I recommend that you try it.
What You Need
# A doll that wets
# A potty chair
# Big boy/girl underwear (instead of diapers)
# Lots of liquids for your child and the doll to drink
**Note that the following instructions using liquids also apply to potty training for bowel movements.

Consider Before You Begin
# Development: The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests waiting until 2 years of age to potty train.
# Modeling: You can demonstrate or have the doll demonstrate the process of "going potty."
# Motivation: Find out who your child's superhero is. The hero will provide the motivation in this process.

Step 1: Teach a Doll That Wets
Your child will learn by teaching the doll how to go potty. Have your child name the doll and give it something to drink. Then walk the doll to the potty chair with your child. Pull the doll's "big kid" underwear down and watch the doll go potty together.

Step 2: Throw the Doll a Potty Party!
When the doll successfully goes potty, throw a potty party! Make it a big blowout with party hats, horns and celebrate. Give lots of attention to the doll so that your child understands that going potty is a good thing.

Let your child know that when he goes potty, he will have a potty party too. Not only that, your child gets to call his favorite superhero to report the good news!

Step 3: Get Rid of the Diapers
At the beginning of the process you placed underwear on your child's doll. Now it's time to take away the diapers and put underwear on your child.

Step 4: Drink Lots of Fluids
Give your child plenty of fluids to drink. The sooner he has to go potty, the sooner you can begin potty training.

Step 5: Ten Trips to Potty When Accident
Ask your child if he needs to go potty. Your child might say no and that's OK. Because you've given your child plenty of fluids, he will soon need to go.

If your child has an accident in his underwear, don't scold him. You want this to be a positive experience. Instead, take your child to the potty, pull his underwear down, and have your child sit down. Do this 10 times. This builds muscle memory and your child will eventually go.

Step 6: Let the Celebration Begin!
When your child successfully goes potty, throw him a potty party. Most importantly, your child can now call his favorite superhero and tell the hero about what he just did! Enlist the help of a friend or relative to play the hero and take the phone call.

When your child has an accident, simply take him/her to the bathroom ten times in a row as you did before. This will continue to build muscle memory. And don't forget to keep up the positive reinforcement
for my daughter I talked to her about it for approx 1 month before we even started. The as we got closer I told only 10 more days...then 3 etc you get the point then on the official first day I took off the diaper and put on real panties and told her to notice how they felt. I gave her plenty of liquids and set the timer for 20 min. every 20 mins we went to the potty. It was a lot of work but only took 3 days. After the first day I kept upping the timer by a few minutes until we were waiting an hour between going and sitting. I did still ask her every so often. She had two "accidents" in 3 days and decided that she didn't like the wet feeling and decided to sit when the timer went off. I also used m&ms as a reward each time she used the potty...even if she didn't go. We don't eat candy at our house very often so 1 m&m was a big deal to her.

Anyway that is what worked for my dd

Best wishes
when shes ready she you will know. I tried a few times too and finally at 2 1/2 she was ready! it took two days! I tried and noticed she kept having accidents, so I stopped a few months, then tried again.
My daughter is very practical, so I used a very practical idea to potty train her. She had been trying really hard for about 2 weeks, and we were both starting to get frustrated. So one day I told her that the babies needed all her diapers and since she was a big girl now, she didn't need them and we had to give them to the babies. It was like she said, "well, if they need them, they need them." The first day she had probably 5 accidents, the second only 2 and since then almost a year ago I can count on 2 hands the number of accidents she's had. Good Luck.
Just if she feels she has to go, just get her to go, kids learn how they're body works quicker. Get her the training undies i forget what they're called... and Try the reward system
Every-time she uses the potty she receives a sticker . Everytime she tells you she has to go, and attempts to use the potty, praise her for trying. Kids respond well to Rewards. Keep this up, and she'll be potty- trained in a few weeks, but make sure you follow this type of system. Any slacking on your part will make her slack on her part.

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