Anyone think pre-school is just a cheap way to get rid of your kid for half the day.?

Question:I think to many parents rush there kids into school to fast. The first years of there life should be learning from there parents and not some -who knows teacher. Bottom line any kid who puts there little child in pre-school is not a good parent. Raise your kids and stop using pre-school as a way to get rid of them for part of the day.

NO, NO, NO I think pre-school is a very good start for children in their education. Especially those who may have a type of physical handicap such a a hearing impairment , etc. Pre-school is very useful for that type situation. Both of my great-nephews had a hearing impairment and were able to attend pre-school and it was such a great help when they attended kindergarten. I also think that it helps all children.

Where I live pre-schools tend to be rather expensive, so it certainly isn't a cheap way to get rid of the kids for the day.
Yea! or put them in a baby-sit, or daycare!
Pre-school helps prepare a child for the rest of their academic life, and provides a great transition from home life to school life. Pre-school provides much more than just babysitting - it provides cultural and social development, and introduces children to learning how to learn.

Don't rush to judgement on other people's motives.
I don't think you're a bad parent if you put your kid in pre-shool. I remember having lots of fun in my pre-school. I got to go all kinds of places I probably wouldn't have other wise. (The bank vault, police car, etc) I met a ton of friends. Besides play time, kids are also developing people skills and getting used to learning in a classroom setting. I don't think it's right for parents to put kids in pre-school to 'get rid of them'. Since I went to a church run pre-school, it was a financial sacrifice for my family to sed us there. I'd like to think my parents did an okay job raising me.
No..I think school is a place where kids learn how to deal with social situations and interpersonal political skills for use in the future.
Oh haven't got a clue! A lot of moms let their children go to pre-school one or two days a week so they can play with other children. My girls went to a Methodist pre-school program two days a week. It was wonderful and they had the most fun. They couldn't wait until the next time back just because they loved being around the other children. Those three hours in the morning, twice or three times a week is not being a bad parent. And while we're on this "soap box", there are parents who both have to work. Just because they're in a position where two incomes are needed doesn't make them a bad parent!
Well for the AVERAGE working people both parents normally work... not everyone can afford to stay home for one... second there is a HUGE differance in pre school and daycare.. You have to make sure your child is ready to start school when they are old enough. My daughter has been in a pre school program since she was 2 1/2. she just turned 4 and at a pre school that is more academically focused. she knows her days of the week, she can count to 50, and knows so much. you have to make sure your child can do well in a class room and be able to sit down, and listen to instructions. there are so many things that children benifit from in Pre school.
Actually, no. Research has shown that kids who attend preschool are much more likely to finish school and go on to college without as much difficulty as students who did not attend preschool. This research was conducted over the course of 50 years so it's pretty sound.
I don't think preschool is necessary and I would rather see kids be able to stay home with one of their parents until at least age 5, perhaps even longer. However, to accuse people of being bad parents for sending their children to preschool is not fair. Some parents have to work full time and don't have an alternative. Some parents are still attending school themselves and need some form of childcare. Not every child has grandparent or aunt in the same town who can watch them while mom and dad work. Some parents are raising their children alone because the other parent took off... would you rather they go on welfare?

When a parent is put into the position where they must decide between a run-of-the-mill daycare where the child may spend the day watching TV, and an actual preschool where the child will be in a stimulating, caring environment and will be read to, sang to, played with, and taught. I think that the Preschool is a better choice.

So instead of accusing people who can't be home with their children, just thank God that you can be with yours and do your best to raise them the way you believe they should be rasied.
You raise some interesting points, but I think that you are generalizing and taking your opinion a bit to the extreme. Yes, it is true that there are parents out there who use preschool as a baby-sitting service - not necessarily enrolling them for the benefits that children can get out of a quality program. It is also true that there are a lot of preschools out there that act more like baby-sitting services and do not really provide a level of education that is developmentally appropriate or beneficial for youngsters.

However, there are a lot of very high quality preschool programs out there, and there are a lot of parents who send their young children to preschool for the right reasons. I think that the difference is when a parent takes the time to investigate the preschool's curriculum and choose a program that is most appropriate for their child. This is very different than just dumping them out to get rid of them.

Chidren should indeed be children, and parents need to step up to their plate and do their part as parents and good role models to their children. In my opinion, enrolling them in a quality preschool is a perfect example of being a good parent. Certainly, there is no need to have children learning to read and write in the preschool years. However, good exposure is extrememly important. The key to a good preschool is that their curriculum is developmentally appropriate for preschool age children. Research shows that children who have attended a quality preschool program are often more successful throughout school because they get off to a better start. Mainly, this has to do with them being socially adjusted and exposed to things (especially lots of language) that helps them as they move into kindergarten.

You are right that parents need to do a better job at home, however, socialization is great for children. Also, all too often in today's world parents (even well-meaning ones) are not able to dedicate as much time as is ideal in getting children ready to face the rigors of school. I see no harm in giving them every opportunity to succeed!
Working at a preschool I can tell you that kids need to have the positive social interactions that occur in a school early on in life. Attachments with parents are just as strong in a preschool setting as they are outside of one. Preschool also helps children build an immunity against common illnesses that first-time school-goers come down with. I wish that the Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten program were universal, at-risk youth need early intervention and I think that proper screening at this age could help reduce many problems faced later on.
Children who have not had preschool often have difficulty in Kindergarten. Parents can certainly do a great job of caring for their preschool children and teaching them at home, but not all parents have the ability to do that. I chose to put my children in preschool for their benefit, not to "get rid" of them.
Having worked in daycare, pre-school, and elementary school, I can definitely see some different effects it has on kids. Day care is simply that... taking care of a child for the day, making sure they don't break their necks or drink something poisonous. Though there are some really good ones, most of them are just there to babysit. They start at 6 weeks old and open up at 6 am with parents banging on the doors to drop off their kids and do not close until 7 that night when parents are 30 minutes late to pick them up. I have used a private babysitter for my daughter b/c we both work, Dad is at home now, but sometimes I wonder if she might be safer in daycare j/k. When someone actually starts caring about your child's intellect, then we have pre-school. There is definitely more structure, and there is a curriculum to follow with objectives. I do believe that kids benefit from this type of social interaction, but keep it to half a day.

It basically boils down to parental motives. If you are looking for somewhere to "keep" johnny, so you can work...use a daycare, and get your kids on time or sooner (13 hours away from your children every day officially makes them knowing your kids longer than you.)

If you want someone to "educate your child" use a pre-school and talk with your kids about what they did in school that day.

Personally, my husband and I are striving to get him through college so that I can stay home with our children and be then best room mom ever.
As a preschool teacher myself I totally disagree with you--preschool is very important and children learn many leassons and skills they will need before they head off into Kindergarten--our kids new number 1-31, the days of the week, the months of the year,seasons, phonics and the alphabet in sign language before heading off to school never mind all the social skills they learned
I wouldn't say they were a bad parent, but I do think it's too early. Preschool here is free through the public schools, and everyone just assumes that you'll send your kid. It's weird.

Preschool does all the stuff that kindergarten used to, somehow public school got the idea that if the high schoolers are failing, all we need to do is add an extra year at the beginning to fix it. Now our state is pushing for a three year old preschool program. Okaaaay. Why? Kids can (and always have) learned their alphabet, counting and how to socialize when they started school at six, as so many did years ago. In fact, in most states education isn't mandatory until the age of six or seven. People don't know that because there's just the assumption that everyone MUST start school at five.

Anyway, long story short, I agree that kids *should* be home, understand that parents need to work, and don't think anyone is truly bad, save the bad parent gag for the idiots who stick their babies in microwaves, or buckle them into cars to drive into the lake. That's bad parenting.
I personally think preschool/day care is a rather absurd concept. I am the parent, why should I pay someone to nurture my child. School should not be seen as a place to socialize.I thought it was a place for learning! My daughter did not attend a preschool or day care. When she attended kindergarten she was tested at a second grade level. She had zero problems with we are not hermits! The school was not teaching her anything. We homeschool now. Why put your responsibilities as a parent on someone else?
no- preschool is a way for children to gain necessary social skills. they get to interact with other adults and children their age. They learn problem solving and conflict resolution skills when interacting with other children. They also work on gaining a different experience than they do at home- reading different books, playing with different toys, listening to differnt music, etc. As long as the prek is safe and enriching it can be very beneficial for children.
Nope, I think it's a great way for my daughter to express herself without her overbearing mother standing over her and answering for her. Oh, and also, it's a great opportunity for her to play with other children.
Amen! I agree. I have 3 kids. I think people call it "pre-school" when they put a 2, 3 or 4 year-old in what is actually day care! They call it pre-school so they feel better about it, like they're doing something good for their kids. I fell for it with my first, but my 2nd and 3rd kids were "pre-schooled" at home. They are now GATE and Honors students, so I must have done something right. Why send them off so soon when their gone soon enough? We got all the socializing my kids needed from hanging out with friends (not PLAYDATES), church and community classes.
no it helps them become more social before kindergarten start and gives them more structured learning on their level. i took preschool and loved it. i met one of my friends there.
First of all, preschool is not cheap. Secondly, it is invaluable in children learning social skills by interacting with other kids their age. The preschool my kids go to has well-educated teachers, and my kids learn a lot and really love going to preschool.
its not cheap and parents do it so they can get money 2 feed the kid thay arnt rushing the kids

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