Sign language for toddlers and pre k?

Question:I was wondering if any knew some good videos for teaching preschoolers and pre k kids signing that have lots of foosd and play time word we know the basics but we need more indepth work. If you know any titles or websites where i can find some please answer. Please no "baby signs" as we already knows thoses

Hells yeah! My daughter and I love Signing Time. Her grandparents are deaf, so she's had to sign since she was a baby, but the show is still awesome. So's the site.
baby eintstein has some great videos! Go to toys r' us or wal-mart
Go to and look up sign language for children and they shold have a list of books you can purchase.
Check these out @ Babies R us and Babyland etc. The info on the packages will tell you if this is what you're looking for, and also gives the web address. Local libraries have media on this as well.
A sidenote...(and I don't usually promote watching tv) I found out about 2 weeks ago that Blue's Clues program actually has that guy signing while he's speaking. I thought it was pretty cool that my daughter knew some sign language and I don't know any.
If nothing else, emphasize the difference between a 3 and a W. Teachers the world around use W for 3, and it is irritating!

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