What really rhymes with orange?

No word rhymes with orange, purple, or I believe silver. However, with a broad mind, you will come to realize that "door hinge" rhymes with orange.
You mean a real word?

I don't think there is one.
door hinge?

that's all i got.
Orange? I think the answer's arrange. :)
Door hinge, idiot.
Rhymes are about sounds, so it doesn't have to be a real word. Orange, borange, morange, sorange, lorange, dorange are all rhymes.
poridge and foriegin
Door hinge kinda rhymes i think thats all
Leslie is right. rhymes are about sounds. Specifically the end of the word. Porridge and foreign are not words that rhyme with orange. Not even close... If you are working with young children then it is OK to introduce made up words for rhymes like orange, morange.

Do you see how the end of the word (ange) is the same?

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