Ok ladies, you've seen guys get hit between the legs by kids, but what about when it happens to you?

Question:When you ladies get hit in the crotch unexpectedly what's the normal reaction? Double over? Drop to one knee? Get a good laugh in if you've see a lady get nailed there by a kid? Let's hear some stories.

Not a thing. We don't have sensitive twigs and berries hanging out to get hit. Hubby says that pain is intense. When I get hit there, it just feels like getting hit anywhere else. My "stuff" is tucked up and safe.

I sometimes think it's funny to pretend it hurts like a guy. You know...grab the crotch, hold your breath, drop to your knees and roll around. The first time I did that my husband thought women had the same pain as men.
It's not a big deal for women. Getting an ovary knocked hurts a lot, but they are internal so it doesn't happen that much.
The "hit" would have to pretty hard for it to hurt a woman like it does a man. We are a little more sensitive there than elsewhere, but not that much. Most of the "sensitive" stuff is safely inside. Besides, if we can handle childbirth..
this is an awkward question...but i have to tell you, it still hurts, even if we have no male parts exactly, though probably not as bad as you guys.

i laugh and bend over to ease the pain
It doesn't hurt honestly.
My 3y/o and 18m/o always smack my husband betweent he legs and he keeps reminding me when it happens is ure as heck won't be having a boy now lol
But when they smack me between the legs it doesn't hurt - it's just bone down there lol so i just laugh but have to keep reminding them that it's not nice!
get hit how?

lol... once i was playing witha turning chair that had metal arms, i was turning someone in it and lost control of the chair and the metal arm rammed right into me. it was perfect aim ont he chairs part really...it hurt A LOT but not enough for me to like, fall to the ground or anything but still intense, i was sore afterwards.i think it hurts for girls but not as much as for guys

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