How much it costs to send child to preschool?

Question:i live in columbus ohio and my son is 4. i wanna put him in preschool this year, n e one know how much i will have to pay

as the previous responders have stated the costs can range from free to ?$$$$

beginning with free or almost free programs--try HeadStart, your local elementary school(for block/and or state grant)preschool programs...both of these are usually free.for almost free try your local recreation center, community center, or church, all of these usually have sliding scales for payment(and some may also be free)

and then moving up to local public/private preschools--these usually begin on sliding scales and move up to as high as several hundred dollars per month based on the number of days and hours your child will be attending.

my best suggestion is start with the local elementary school and headstart programs...both of which you should be able to find information on in either the local phone book or community center or school building...these are both free and excellent programs with good track records of preparing children for kindergarten and beyond..and then if these do not pan out continue your investegations in the yellow pages of the local telephone book under preschools/schools
I'd imagine those costs can vary widely depending on the region you live in and what type of program you are looking for. Why don't you let your fingers do the walking through the Yellow Pages? Call some preschools in your area and inquire about their fees and their programs.
It depends on where you send your child. i sent my children to an excellent preschool in someones house and it was $28 a month. it was the best thing i did for my children to prepare them for kindergarden.
Open the Yellow Pages to "Preschools" and start calling and asking.
to send child to preschool the costs depend to the school they will be sent if it is exclusive or not

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