Preschool insists 4 & 5 yr. olds toilet with the door open, facing the co-ed classroom.?

Question:Am I nuts to be concerned? I keep thinking that they are teaching my son that it's all right to expose himself, and that if he did the same thing in a public preschool he would be expelled, possibly referred for criminal charges, and/or possibly evaluated for history of sexual abuse.

Well, I don't think it's teaching him to expose himself, but I don't think you're nuts either. That would bother me. Even preschoolers deserve some privacy! If the bathroom is right there in the classroom, surely teachers can hear if a child calls for help. How much help does a 4 or 5 yr old usually need anyway? It's not like they're 2!

I'd try talking to other parents, see if there are some who could approach the teacher, director, or board about changing the policy. Perhaps a different door could be installed as a compromise? Have a fundraiser and install doors that aren't top to bottom. Can't think what to call them - wood like a door, but open at top and bottom like a stall door?
I am sure the preschool does it so if the child needs assistance that they can call for it, or the teacher can see them to make sure that they don't put the entire roll of TP in the toilet or plug the sink and let the water run.

Besides, I am sure that you child wouldn't be expelled or arrested with charges for coming out of the bathroom with their pants down.
I would worry more that a kid would be embarrassed to have to use the bathroom in front of his/her fellow students. This sounds nuts to me, if you cannot get the preschool to change their policy check with the state daycare licensing board to see if this is even legal.
i never heard of this meathod, i think you should put your son in a diff. preschool, this learning could affect his life a whole lot in many diff. ways..sexually too along with being confedent
That seems crazy to me! I would either talk to whoever is in charge or find a different preschool there are other things they coud do to make sure that they are ok in the bathroom then to leave the door open.
The reason for this is so that no one is ever out of sight with a child, i.e. behind closed doors. The purpose is to protect the child from very bad things happening in isolation. They are never without a witness. I'm not saying I agree, but I believe that is the theory behind it.

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