I'm homeschooling my kids; was wondering if there is anything out there to help me teach different languages.

Question:games (indoors & outdoors), books / flashcards, & tecneaks.
looking manly for spanish, sing language, & cajun french and/or french.

Before you go and actually spend $$$ on Muzzy and Rosette Stone, take yourself down to the Local Library and check the stuff they have in stock and the children's section (this way you are not making a commitment to something that may not work for your children.

Also if you have a store called Dollar Tree near you check them out as they have started carrying a lot of stuff dor teaching children ( I just got a whole set of flashcards to teach Spanish***things around the house, action words, the world around us, descriptive words, common expressions, food & kitchen items****.
You can also troll the Thrift stores since they can hold treasures beyond belief (I have found American Girl and Nancy Drew books for half of the bookstore prices).
Also Google, because you would be suprised at the websites out there ( I have FREE Chinese language lessons sent to my email). When it comes to homeschooling, you just have to play around with the computer.

BTW- my daughter is only 3rd grade ( 9yrs old) and is learning French, German, Chinese and Spanish this year at HER request ( I speak a little French/German, we have friends that speak Chinese and Spanish) and that is with all her other subjects: Math, Science,History,Geography,Spel... Ec, 4H, Living History.
Rosetta Stone.
muzzy and ask someone at a bookstore if they have something to help you
why not try muzzy, its a great learning idea. i hope that everything goes well. good luck
read books and practice speaking the language
Well dora the explorer and go diego go are good for spanish. If you have DirectTV you should invest in the babyfirst channel. I'm quite sure they have shows focusing on foreign languages.
Just curious: do you speak these languages?
Go to a bookstore like Barnes & Noble and look in their childrens language/teaching section. They have alot of picture books with words for different languages etc. It would be a great start and not very expensive! Then you can move onto the Rosetta Stone and/or Muzzy programs.

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