Are Montessori Preschools Christian schools?

No, although some might be. Montessori schools follow the teaching philosophy of maria Montessori, an Italian woman from the turn of the last century. She was way ahead of her time and public schools today are now learning to benefit from her approach to education.
nope started by a nun but the are secular
Strictly speaking, Montessori schools are not Christian. The "Montessori Method" may exist in some parochial schools, but Maria Montessori didn't have religious affiliations in mind when she developed the system. :)
They usually aren't Christian.
Montessori schools were started by Maria Montessori, the first female doctor in Italy. She was a Catholic, but her teachings were based on how children learn. Montessori schools here vary in programs, but all use the same basic principles.
Not necessarily but they are great. It's a different way of teaching. Hands on and learning through experience rather than books or the usual "institutional" type of teaching.
To the first responder: It was NOT started by a nun.

Several Montessori schools are Christian, but most are not. (Though I could not give you exact numbers, that seems to be my impression. Especially since Montessori is in so many countries where Christianity is not the dominant religion).

And, of course, the Public Montessori Schools are not Christian.


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