Does anybody have good ideas on how i can teach my daughter the number four or a website i can go too?

Try the book, "My Little Sister Ate One Hare" by Bill Grossman. It is a FANTASTIC! It teaches numbers in the most memorable way possible. The book is beautifully illustrated-it is FUN!
My youngest daughter and grandaughters quote it from memory!
use M&M's you can teach numbers and colors at the same time and get a small marker board so she can practice writing the number and spelling it
Use ethier blocks, or some type of food. Start from one block and have her say it then all the way up to 4.
Go to
You can find there lots of preschool math worksheet and more.
if she knows how to count to 3 then every day after she eats brefest hold up 4 fingers and then tell her to count them she'll get all the Wait to 3 then you tell he 4 and then if you do that at brefest and dinner then she'll learn oh you have to do it till she oh he learns it
Count everything! Plain and simple. If you are working on her recognizing the number 4 just place it around your house @ her eye level. Don't try to force it on her. Always try to keep it fun! Be overexcited "LOOK HONEY!! 4 ladybugs! 1-2-3-4! Good job!" Always praise even if you are trying to get to 4 and she is stuck on 3. Before you know it you will be able to pick up on what methods she learns from the easiest. Whether it i music or the repetition of the actions. I know a lot of kids who learn from hands on better than anything. If they can hold 4 jelly beans then that is 4!

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