Kindergarten Help?

Question:I have a little brother going into kindergarten but he doesn't no how to write his alphabet(or recongnize the letters) but he can say it verbally. He also doesn't no how to write hhis name. Any tips on how to help him write his name and recognize letters.

Coloring with a crayon or holding a pencil is another thing any tips on that.

Try making learning into a game as oppose to just learning like by holding and orange and asking him the shape and what letter orange starts with the color. For his name just have him sit down with you and practice cuz practice makes perfect. Don't get aggrevated if he doesn't get it right though, children can sense that sort of thing.
You print out the alphabet and have him try to trace it. Ditto with his name. Sounds as if he needs to work on his small motor skills, example stringing beads, tearing paper, things like this will help develop the muscles in his hands. Then he will be able to hold a pencil or crayon correctly. Teach him to sing the letters of his name. everywhere you look say "Oh there is the letter" ex. M for McDonalds, S for stop sign. He should begin to catch on.
you just need to make it a game. i started by showing my daughter just the first letter of her name and then working with writing it.
her very first valentines to her family were signed with an A. that was at three. shes five now and can write with out looking at her name. just do one letter at a time. then start doing five at a time. you could get some flash card for the letter recongization and some tracing pads to practice the writing.
you could also show him how to type his name that helped her alot.
Get letter toys that's what i used to have to help me remember letters and for his name ..write his name out in dotted lines and then have him trace it that's how i learned also
Your little brother will learn to recognize and write letters that really have meaning to him, first. So you can help him by starting with his name, beginning with the first letter.
Make a sign for his room with just his first name on it, printed with an upper case letter first, and the rest in lower case. Point out his first letter and tell him what it is. Then find his letter everywhere you go. Find it on his cereal box in the morning, on the newspaper, on signs, in the grocery store. Tell him, "Look! I see your ." Soon he will start to point it out to you and then you will know he's catching on and you can start to work on the next letter. When he's got his name, pick another word that means something to him, maybe your name, or m-o-m. Help him with those letters in the same way and I bet you'll be surprised how fast he learns to "read" some simple words!

He will learn to write his letters as he learns to recognize them. Play with play dough with him. You make his letters. Show him how to make his name in some flour on a cookie sheet, using his finger, and let him just draw pictures in the flour too because that will help him strengthen the muscles in his hands. Draw with him using crayons, pencils, and paper. That will strengthen his hands too. Don't worry. He will catch on!
Try having him write in sand with his finger.
Read to him and have him trace the letters.
Have him make the letters out of playdough.

Have fun with it. Don't stress him out :)
Take care.
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