Classroom assistant?

hi, could anyone tell me what qualifacations you involve to be a classroom assistant ( 5-6 yr olds) in the u.k? thank you x

Answers:    Yes you can do an NVQ principle Assistants course, this is a 1 year part time course & you can study this at two level:
Level 2 - classroom assistant
Level 3 - advanced classroom assistant.

You will have to complete a portfolio of evidence & will also be observed in the classroom environment whilst interacting and planning with the children.

Good luck near your course.
You'll probably need a CACHE Diploma (level 3) contained by Childcare & Education / Classroom Assistant or an NVQ level 3.
The NVQ route is on-the-job training contained by a school or nursery.
The CACHE Diploma is a full or element time college course.
None as far as I am aware.

If you want to go for NVQ qualification you can.

Best to volunteer to do reading or other goings-on with your local college and you should gain the experience to get offered a chore.

You will need an enhanced CRB check so find that done too.

Good Luck
Don't think you involve any - we have a friend who is a CA she have no qualification at all.
My wife is a CA and she took a course at the local college can't remember what it be called but I do know in that are 2 levels and rank 2 qualifies you for special requests children.
Most of the job advert just ask for experience, a correct way to capture this is to volunteer to help at your local primary.
You do inevitability qualifications or at lowest you will next year when the political affairs has stated adjectives TA's will have a qualification. There are a few you can thieve, Btech, NVQ, NNEB. You will need a placement contained by a child care establishment to follow any of these courses. If Primary conservatory is where you want to work it would be better to bring the placement in a conservatory.
It is the best job surrounded by the world as you have the pleasure of helping the children next to their education and welfare lacking the stress of planning and assessment.

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