"how does other playschool plan & run their parents evening"?

Question:Hi I am busy studying to become an Early Childhood Practitioner and in my study unit they want to know "how other playschools / nusery schools plan and run their parents evening?" Can anyone help me please?

When I taught, we kept it fairly simple. I had the room set up the way it would be when children were there. We served punch and cookies. Parent handbooks were handed out. The board president welcomed the parents and told them about being on the board, attending meetings, etc. She then turned the floor over to me and I told the parents about my expectations, discipline, typical schedule, and other topics of interest. I then opened the floor for questions. The whole thing lasted about 2 hours.

Parents were encouraged to NOT bring their children as it would distract them from listening. However, if I were to ever do it again, I'd hire a few babysitters to keep the children occupied so parents wouldn't have to find one and both parents would be free to attend. This would only work if we had a meeting room separate from the playschool room.

(I'm assuming that by "parents' evening" you mean the orientation for parents already registered and not the open house?)

Added because of your added details: So, it sort of sounds like you're talking about parent/teacher conferences rather than an orientation evening? I didn't do individual conferences for that sort of evening. I had a lot of the children's work displayed. The children sang a couple of songs we'd learned and also put on a little play (they had made the costumes and scenery and wrote the play themselves). In teaching playschool, I communicated well and often with the parents. If a concern came up, on their behalf or mine, I didn't wait for a parents' evening to discuss it. We would set aside a time to discuss it as soon as possible rather than waiting.

If you want to do individual conferences, you'll have to have an area where parents and teachers can speak privately. You'll have to set up a schedule and let parents sign up for 15 minute periods. It would also be a time to present any formal or informal evaluations you have done. However, I've never heard of anything that formal being done at the playschool/nursery school level.
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We have an open house once a year.We set up an activity table where children and parents can work on something together. We also display the childrens work and offer refreshments. At our center, we do conferences twice a year which give more time to the parents. We also offer other opportunities for parents to get together like a scrapbooking night, and parent groups for informal get togethers.

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