My Health Visitor says its best for my 2½ yr old son to be with me all the time rather than go to nursery???

Dont agree with that. Im osrry but he needs to interact with other children.because thats healthy for him. Id advise that he does go to nursery because he needs the social interaction.
rebecca - bllks
i am sick of parents who breed and then cannot be bothered to take care of their own children
yes he needs social interaction but surely you have friends with children and there must be parent and toddler groups. in another few months he could go to playgroup a couple of mornings a week and build up from there.
Well I'd like to see her try to get you son to go to school when it's time then!
Kids need social interaction as much as adults, by sending them to nursery / playgroups you get so 'me' time and the child learns to share and make friends as well as learning that just because you are leaving you don't really disappear as you will be back to get them. Even a parent and toddler group is better than just staying home.
The most recent research I have read clearly states that children do better when they are brought up by their mothers, nurseries are second best.
On the other hand you have to consider your needs as well as your child's needs. If you need the break or need to work, then your son needs to go to nursery. Better he has time at nursery than home with a stressed mother.
Yes I would have that he should be with mom for now. You are his first teacher and strongest advocate. Keep him with you and love him and nurture him, play with him and talk with him. You are building a strong foundation for him to build his whole life on! You can not be replaced. When he is 3 or 4 you could consider a pre-school type program, half-day if possible. There is plenty of time for him to grow up, so please don't rush him!
If you need to put him in due to work then you have to enroll him, you have no choice. If you don't work it's usually better to enroll him in for a few hours a day maybe 2-3 days a week just for the experience. Part-time is recommended when they are around 3 yrs. old.
why does everyone push to dump the kiddies off to government care? kuddos to the health visitor. many kids this age are just not ready for a group setting.
Tosh - you're the Mom - what's best for your son is to get a bit of independence now - not when he is 21 and a clingy mummy's boy.

Besides - you need a break too. Bet your health visitor don't have kids.
Because he is sick and the health nurse is for him??Then she's probably right. If you gotta work you gotta work so you'd be better off finding a family care provider so he is exposed to less germs.

I'm with you Denise B. the best place for young children is at home but that is pretty idealistic in todays dual income society. Not every women has the choice, some have to work.

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