What does my son need to know in order to start kindergarden??

Well, you want him to tie his shoes, my experience on seeing that teachers will just let them stay untied and the child's shoes eventually looks like mice ate them. So that is stress on you, or get him velcro and still teach him to tie with a Tie puzzle board. He should know his ABC's, 1-20, and bigger than smaller than, more than , less than, shorter taller things of that nature. Just life lessons as well. He will be ok! Books like "What my Kindergartner should know" is very helpful.

Hit up your library, my boys were reading chapter books in Kindergarten, but they also went in reading.

Your son doesn't have to do this! If you want a cool system that works Leap Frog products are AWESOME, I don't get any kick backs, wish I did, I buy enough, but I have four boys and my one year old knows his abc's (from singing) I usually teach them by talking them out not singing, but I am fine, and he counts to 1-3 and 8-11. You can get letter factory from the library, and if possible get him a Leap Pad, and a few beginner books. Look on the back of the package and determine where he is at, and oh, yeah, Flash Cards they are still effective. I have had the same cards for 8 years and their still working. I will update if you have any more questions!
um..well my nephew needed to..
be able to count 1-20, and write the numbers 1-10...say his abc's (and he had to SAY them, not sing them, which seems to be hard for some kids,idk), write his name, and know the basic shapes and colors.
(he had to go through a kindergarten screening to make sure he knew those things)
He needs to know that you will always be there for him, you love him and to enjoy his days at Kindi. He will be fine as long as he knows all this.

but if he could rite his name it would be a bonus
At least he could talk..That's all.
I don't know what the rules are in your school district but in ours your child must be 5 by a certain date. They ask a few questions like does he/she know his address, know how to count to 20, can he/she recite the alphabet. Can they tie their shoes. Do they know their parents names. do they know where beef comes from (not the store) What is a car made of. These seemed kind of silly to me when my kids were entering K-garden. But I did see children who did not know these things enter k-garden and have a hard time adjusting because they supposedly were not mature enough yet.
He needs to learn to tie his shoes for himself. To be a little more independent for the benefit of his teachers and classmates. Fantasy play skills with other kids and adults. How to make friends. Hold a crayon and draw. Gradually increase his seated attention span.

Good luck
as for me kindergarten starts at 2,6 years old so they only need to be potty trained.
and get a lot of love and encouragement to go to school and socialize...
best regards and have a great day.
All the questions these people ask are part of kindergarten screening - not application. They won't turn a child away for not knowing enough - it's Kindergarten!
NEED to know? Nothing, really. He'll learn everything he needs to know in kindergarten.

That said, dd's kindergarten teacher told us she hoped that all children would have good self-help skills (toileting on their own, coat/shoes off and on by themselves, etc.), recognize their own name, and be able to use a pair of scissors. (This is at the top ranked school in our province.)
First of all your son should be able to follow directions and get along with others his age. He should also know his colors, shapes, numbers to 10, count to 20, and alphabet. He should be able to write his first name and draw a picture. Kindergarten is harder than it used to be. Students are expected to do more including read simple words by the end of the year.
Your child should be able to sing or say the alphabet.

Your child should be able to count to ten using their fingers.

Your child show know how to go to the bathroom, wipe, wash their hands, zip their own zipper, and button their own buttons to use the restroom on their own. Your child should also be comfortable asking someone to use the bathroom. Most of the "oops" moments in kindergarten classrooms happen because children are afraid to ask to use the restroom.

Your child should know how to listen to and follow basic instructions "please sit down", "please pick up the toy", etc.

Your child should be able to put their own coat or jacket on as well as put their own shoes on. Most kids this age don't know how to tie shoes, but they should be able to at least put their shoes on.

Your child should be able to hold a pencil, a crayon, and a marker so that they are "useable" all though form isn't a huge deal.

Your child should be able to do basic, all though not straight cutting with safety scissors.

Your child should show an interest in story books, possibly by pointing to the pictures and telling what happens or making up their own story.

Your child should be able to get along with other children, know how to take turns, and know how to be part of a group.

Your child should know how to walk in a line behind other children.

Kids who can write their name have a "step ahead" and make teachers lives sooo much easier
I think in order for them to be ready for kindergarden..they should know the basics...as in whats your name...whats your mommys name..how old are you..your colors...your alphabet...is he pootytrained..?? Starting off in kindergarden i think doesnt take that much for the simple fact that in kindergarden they teach you what you need to know..
While all children develop at their own pace here are some skills you can work on to help prepare him for the big 1st day of school.

Listen to stories without interrupting
Recognize rhyming sounds
Pay attention for short periods of time to adult-directed tasks
Understand actions have both causes and effects
Show understanding of general times of day
Cut with scissors
Trace basic shapes
Begin to share with others
Start to follow rules
Be able to recognize authority
Manage bathroom needs
Button shirts, pants, coats, and zip up zippers
Begin to control oneself
Separate from parents without being upset
Speak understandably
Talk in complete sentences of five to six words
Look at pictures and then tell stories
Identify rhyming words
Identify the beginning sound of some words
Identify some alphabet letters
Recognize some common sight words like "stop"
Sort similar objects by color, size, and shape
Recognize groups of one, two, three, four, and five objects
Count to ten
Bounce a ball

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