What is the average age for children to begin preschool?

Question:Besides observing your child and seeing whether he/she's ready or not for preschool (In a parent's eye their child is always smart)
what is the average age for them to begin preschool?

I think that this depends on the child. 3-4 year old is average but as long as the child is in a stimulating environment at home it is just fine to start preschool at 4 years old. Preschoolers learn through play so even if they are not involved in formal preschool education they are still learning and developing.
I started preschool at four years old.
Usually 3 for the first of two years of preschool. The child just needs to be toilet trained during the day.
I never went to Pre-School.
I started my boys at 3 years of age, the knew their abc's, 1-20, and the sound for all the letters.

I felt they were ready for the enviornment of socializing, and school.

and they were!
3 years old. They need to begin at least part-time.
There is no "average age" so to speak for beginning preschool. Some preschools take newborns all the way up through pre-kindergarten. Once your child can stand to be away from you for more than a few minutes, is potty trained, and can follow simple directions they are ready for preschool.
I think the average age for a child to start preschool is around 3 or 4 that is if their pootytrained..From experiece with my family we didnt start my neice off in preschool she went straight to kindergarden..because of the simple fact she wasnt ready...she needed more time with mommy..i think that the parent should decide on whether their ready of not..

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