Preschool teachers: Do you find your work as satisfying as you expected, when you entered the field?

I really didn't know what to think when I first started. I needed a job and they hired me. Here it is 13 1/2 years later I still do it off and on. I love it! Nothing is more rewarding than teaching and molding a young mind!
I am a brand-new preschool teacher and so far I completely love it! The children are warm and loving... the teachers I work with are wonderfully kind and helpful! I am truly enjoying it.
look.. if you wanna make a lot of money.. this is not the job you're looking for.. but i've learnt that work is not always about money... if you do something you really like for a living that is priceless. i never thought of becoming a teacher, not to mention a young learners teacher, but now i dont think i can love a job the way i do now... i am happy when i wake up in the morning knowing that these little ones can't wait to come to school to see me and talk to me,yes lots of parents tell me this, and there's that one little boy who was so angry that his parents had to travel for a week because he would not come to school..
it's somethig else to see these little eyes looking at you waiting for the miracles that would be said by you! now that was scary at first because i didn't know what to say!!
but once you get hold of it and have the ability to prepare a lesson plan it becomes so fun.
children are the best people you can ever deal with.. and whose heart won't melt when receiving an sms on the mobile saying "I lav yo"!!
Absolutely. There is nothing more satisfying than the look in a child's eyes when that "ah-ha! I get it!" moment occurs. Or when an older sibling tells the younger "You are so lucky, because your time in Head Start will be your favorite school years. I wish I was still there." Or when a parent tells you "I can't tell you enough how much you have helped him and our family." I will never be dollar-rich, but the satisfying memories will always sustain me!

I think there are those who don't enjoy it, and if you don't it would be a miserable career so move on to something else. But if you love it, it's the greatest!
I have now moved onto another field (although still related to Early Years teaching) so that I can diversify my skills, I would still consider going back to teaching down the track. Sometimes it can be frustrasting and and a plain old hard slog, but those special moments definitely make it well worth it. For me in particular, when I would get past students who were about to enter high school coming back to visit, with the parents telling me that they still talk of me and their time with me in Kindergarten makes it so worth it, knowing that I have had such a big, positive impact in their lives. Also seeing myself grow over the years, fine tuning my skills and gathering ideas and knowledge to apply to the childrens development and seeing those results is also very rewarding. But what really kept me satisfied was the time and effort I invested in children with additional needs, in particular one boy I had for 4 years who had autism. To watch him develop to the point where he became toilet trained, was able to structure simple sentences, and actually would seek me out when he was distressed and seek a cuddle (quite rare for children with autism) was one of the most rewarding times of my career. 6 years later, and I still have a photo of him up in my home and I still think of him regularly. What an impact we made on each other!! You can't beat it!

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