I do i file 4 state help for my preschooler?

Question:i need to pay for preschool/daycare programs any suggestions?

Have you applied for Head Start? They often have excellent programs and are free for those who qualify. Even if you are over-income, your child may be accepted since they sometimes accept over-income families for a variety of reasons, so don't over-look this program. Also, check into Pre-K programs through your school district. Call your local elementary school to see if this is available in your area. You should contact your local social service agencies also to see if subsidized day care is available to you.
Why? Does she have a worthless, good-for-nothing husband and three kids to feed or what?


Kidding, I know it's a serious thing - humor can help a serious situation seem not so overwhelming. You can certainly file for state help if it's available and you are unable to afford her daycare, there is nothing wrong with asking for help - unless you don't really need it. At the same time, you should also be asking for the kind of assistance that points you to resources that enable you to help yourself - if such assistance exists in your area, that is. If it doesn't, it should, but that may not be your fault.
go to your local dept of social services, they usually cam help depending on what you make on your job. they have a program call abc vouchers, this help pay for come if not all of your day care fees. It does depend on your income though. good luck.
If you work you pay. That simple. Your child does not have to attend by law. That's why you pay. It can be expensive so shop around. Not everything for your child should be supplimented or paid for by the government. Parents have kids and should shoulder the main financial responsibility.

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