SRAT 4 Test Scores for Kindergarten. What they mean?

Question:My daughter recently tested to enter kindergarten early. We just received her scores but there is no explanation of the score results. Only the statement that she tested as a 5 yr, 6 mth old (this is good, since she is 4). Can someone explain the individual scores to me?

I think what you mean is a SRT...or School Readiness test. For example:

Basically, they want to see how prepared your child is for kindergarten. If she tested like you said she did, that is excellent. I taught kinder for 3 years and am now moving to third. The kinder kids that come in already knowing a lot of stuff really stand out. They are more mature and pick up new information pretty quick. If you meant SRT, they are pretty much different for every state or district, so I can't really tell you about yours unless you say the district name or what state you are from. However, if you have questions about it I really think you should ask the school. My one piece of advice for parents is not to wait for the school to explain stuff...sometimes they assume too much. Ask questions all the time since this is your child's future here. Good luck! You SHOULD be proud! :-)
I'm not familiar with the test you mention: the SRAT 4. If it IS the SRT from Scholastic, I'm not sure why they'd use it as that is intended to test for readiness for grade 1.

You should have received some explanation of the score results or been offered an opportunity to meet with someone regarding her performance on the test. You should call the school and ask to meet with the examiner or someone qualified to go over the test results with you.

All I can tell you based on the information you've provided is that if a child "tested as a 5 yr 6 mth old" on the test, it means that she did as well as most 5 yr 6 mth olds in the norm group (the group used to standardize the test) did on that particular test.

"Reflects an individual's performance in terms of the chronological age compared to people in a norm group. If, for example, an individual's age equivalent score is 7 years 3 months, his/her performance is similar to that of the average 7 yr. 3 mo. old in the norm group. An age scale has a limitation with subjects in their late teens or older because adaptive behaviors, other than those developed through personal interests or specific education, tend to "top out" among adults."

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