How much do Preschool Teachers make? CA?

Question:If you are a preschool teacher, or you know someone that is, or if you have any idea... How much money do preschool teachers make in Los Angeles or Ventura CA?

Your best bet would be to contact some preschool programs in that area and ask what salaries they offer for a person with your qualifications. It will probably vary from program to program and may depend on how much experience you have and whether or not you have a degree, or a CDA. Programs often start at minimum wage for people with only a high school diploma but often give increases when you complete your CDA or a college degree.
About three dollars an hour.
Not nearly enough...
I am sure it is no where what they deserve. Teaching little kids is the toughest job there is!
It really depends on the school. You can make any where from 9.00-20.00 an hour, also depends on your experience and how many units you have

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