What age do i start my child in pre school or kindergarten?

most of the information is also determined by both the state, and district you live in but there are a few distinctions you should know

preschool usually includes children from 2.9 to 4 yrs and may include 5 year olds if they turn that age after the local district determines there cut off date (anywhere from june 1st thru Dec 1st depending on the state)

kindergarten ususally begins ages 4.9 to 6 yrs depending on the above information...(in CA the cut off date for kindergarten is Dec 2nd to enter kindergarten but NE the date is Sept 1st) many schools now offer pre-k for those who miss the cut off date for Kinder.but there has to be space avail for that to happen...

hope this helps...check with your local school district probably listed in the local telephone book under schools
I think 3 is the proper age to start kindergarden...
tell your kid I said hi!
Traditionally, it is age 4 for pre-school and age 5 for kindergarten.
preschool around 3 to 4
kinder 5
it's kinda hard to let go but you have to
Preschool is for 3 and 4 year olds. Children start Kindergarten when they are 5. Here in IL, the cut off date is September 1st. (Child must be 5 by Sept 1st to start Kindergarten)
the beginning of 3 or 4 for preschool , and kindergarten at the age of 5.
pre school is ussally 4 it just depends the schooland kindergarden is 5 but now a days people are waiting till the child is 6 it just depends if you think your child is acadimiclly ready for kindergarden
In Englands, the kids can start preschool at about 2 or three if they want.
Then at three they start nursery full time (that's like your kindergarten.)
Then it's proper school from 4 - 16!
I think kids are ready to learn properly from about 3 - 4.
preschool 3 or 4, kinder 5. just call ur school district
preschool starts at 3 or 4
kindergarten starts at 5
Where I live, 3 yr old preschool is mostly social -- just getting used to the idea of following a schedule and having a teacher. They don't start really focusing on skills until 4 -- mostly writing- and reading-preparedness.

Don't forget that preschool is *your* choice, and there isn't much they can learn there that you can't teach them. Don't send them until you're *both* ready.
In New Jersey you can start free preschool at the age of three and kindergarten starts at 5. Legally your child has to start school by the age of 6 or 1st grade. Kindergarten is not mandatory.
That depends on the state. In Wisconsin, children can go to pre-school as early as age 2 and then we have 4 year old lkindergarten. Kindergarten you must be 5 by 9/1 of that year to attend.
In Texas preschool.4 and kindergarten...5

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