Math and/or science stir for kids 3-4 yrs older??/?

does any one have any planning for kids that age?? i am supposed to come up with a 25 min flurry for about 24 3-4 yr olds.... i inevitability one activity for math and another one for science.i hold been trying to find comings and goings but i cant think of any...if any one have any ides please let me knw thanx alot surrounded by advance!

Answers:    for math..cut small strips of rag and give respectively child about 15 strips (all different colors) respectively strip should have a number on it from 1 - 15 or how much u want...let somebody know the kids to put the numbers in command...then check if the kids are correct... facilitate those who dont have it correct...consequently have the kids create a paper tie up with the numbers surrounded by order.

for science.impart each child a bottle full up half road with dampen.have food coloring 3-4 differnet colors..hold the kids put a drop of food coloring and have them role it have them join a nother color and watch them see the colors redeploy to make a different color...

hope this helps!
For math you count things, apples, oranges, etc. For sience, mix things together, red juice beside green food coloring, measurements, like cups, teaspoons, table spoons.

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