My son will turn three in september and he doesn't want to go potty! How can I do? Help me Please!?

Wait Wait Wait.

He's not 3 yet.

You have time. Don't panic, don't push it. Boys are infamously later in potty-training than girls and it is not uncommon for them to well past 3 before they get it, or even want to even try to get it.

There are things you can do to gently get him used to the idea:

** Let him sit on a little potty while he watches a video. He may accidently go, but fuss like he did it on purpose. He'll like the praise and may start to show more interest in wanting to potty like a big-boy.

When he does show interest, then I suggest these tips:

** Let him run around with no bottoms on. It'll be easier to catch him before he goes and dash him off to the potty.

** Sink the Fruit Loops worked really well in my house.

** Put big-boy underwear under pull-ups so he gets the feel of underpants, how uncomfortable it is when he wets them, but you have less mess to clean up.

But relax, he's fine. No kid has gone to Kindergarten with diapers on.

Good Luck
u cant force him bc he wont do it if he is not ready !!
tell him you will give him a lolly pop lol sorry idk
My grandma made me sit on the pot until i went, I know it sounds bullish, but hell, it worked for me!
Wow, I hope you don't have anymore kids. This world doesn't need a ton more people anyway, especially ones who are that helpless. If he refuses to go to the potty and you don't stop this behavior, then what kind of example are you setting, and what kind of adult will he be?
This may take tough love. Put him back in diapers and let him stay wet or whatever a couple of times and see if he changes his mind. It might just be he's stubborn or it might be he's afraid of the toilet. Unless he can tell you, try it and see if it works.
Tell him all the big boys ahve to do it. tell him if he doesnt do it people will make fun of him.... unless doe he no how??? have DADDY teach him make him sit on the toilet while drinking juice.
offer him a reward of something he really likes in exchange for him going potty. tell him u'll take him to the park, give him his favorite kind of cookie or a piece of candy he really likes. there is nothing wrong with bribery when it comes to this task. potty training isnt easy, but as long as he sees a reward for it, then it will become easier for him to cooperate with u.
Don't force him... just introduce him to the "potty". No pressure... Take him with you to do your business. Then wait... Another trick is to put a few Cheerios or fruit loops (the cereal) into the potty and tell him to sink them. and last but not least... Don't buy the cool underware... first just plain white ones, then the superheros for "no accidents." white for practice cools ones for after a sit on the potty... even effort gets a reward...Good Luck...
The way i found easiest with my 2 kids, was to let them play with the potty(clean of course) by sitting toys etc on it and so on. If this does not work then you could always get another child to show how it should be done then reward the other child and your son should copy... Good luck!
play sink the cheerio he pees on it and it sinks simple as that
my little bro will be 3 in 8 days and he learned that way
there are so many theories and ideas on potty training and so many kids temperments to pair them up with. Try many things something will work when he is ready.

Some boys find it easier to sit backward on the potty, they can have a hand free to direct themselves too, they dont feel like they are going to fall in.

You can also explain to him that he can not turn 3 until he uses the potty. This has worked for some.

Most kids, esp boys, will train between the ages of 3 and 4, boys closer to 4. Don't worry too much, it really will happen.

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