How do I find free on-line games for a preschooler?

Answers: is an excellent site for emergent readers! It has stories, songs, printouts, games, etc. There are a lot of activities your child can do safely there. Frankly, I think it is the preeminent site for children learning to read. I have used it frequently with kindergarten and first grade students in the course of my work as an educator. Also, the Starlight Foundation's website is both educational and fun. It has games designed to help children with often debilitating diseases or conditions cope with the discomfort or anxiety caused by their illness (click on the second link and scroll down to see the programs). I like Quest for the Code. Edheads is a fun exploration site where you can explore the mechanics of simple machines or even perform virtual surgery (maybe your child will be inspired to become a orthopedic surgeon). Children's author Jan Brett's website is full of activities for young children. You can watch her tell stories or play interactive games on the site. Of course, there are Nick Jr, PBS Kids, Sesame Street, Disney, and Noggin, though some offer activities that are less educational and are perhaps more suitable for older children. I hope you find something your child will enjoy. Cheers!
google is your friend!
some of the TV shows that preschoolers watch have websites.

go to noggin .com or nick .com lots of games for little ones smart games too.
club penguin
Are you looking for educational games? You can try You'll have to register for your child. It's completely free and they have all kinds of games in there (educational ones, too).
I would just to a search using Google or Dog Pile as a search engine.
Really great games can be found at
This is public broadcasting and has Sesame Street and Arthur games that are great for little guys.
I hope this helps you some!
best one i have found is
my 3 year old loves it!

Best site for preschoolers.Lots of word games,coloring games and other cool stuff.Try it!
try funbrain jr and brainpop jr and are our faves.

They're character-driven, yes, but they're not marketing to your child. Activities are mostly point-and-click with little or no reading.

Make sure you have a sound card, though, since they speak the instructions.
My four year old twin girls love to play all the games on NickJr. com. They can do it by themselves so I don't have to sit with them the whole time.

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