Please Suggest A Creative Montessori Name?

Question:I am opening a new montessori school for children.Would really appreciate if you cud suggest some creative montessori names...thanks a lot!

The first answer was really good. I also think an idea might be to take a Montessori Idea and find something in nature that fits with that idea. Then explain it in your brochures/other advertising.

There is a school called Trillium Montessori. A Trillium is a flower and it has 3 leaves on it. The image is used to symbolize the three ways the child interacts with the classroom. (The environment, the materials, the teacher).

Since you are openning a Montessori school, my guess is you have a rather sophisticated view of children and their inate sense of learning. Pick something that goes with your respect for children, like Discover Montessori, or the town's name and Montessori. Anything with cute names like "patty-cake playschool" undermines the true Montessori philosophy
sorry I cud not help
Hi - I hear lot's of my children say "My Montessori School" to each other or their friends - Pam G
How about "Great Beginnings" ?

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