My 4yr infirm have difficulty surrounded by pronouncing the message F; he replaces it beside the note S.?

Hello. I'm currently a stay at home mom. My oldest who is 4yrs old is within pre-K and my two little ones stay at home. My 4yr old have diffulty in pronouncing the memo F; he replaces it with the message S. Instead of saying four, he say sour, sive, soot. Yet he can say the memorandum F, but is unable to say aloud words that begin near the letter F. The university has recommended speech psychotherapy, I honestly do not see the need if in that is something that I can do at home before I walk that route. I am also wondering if this will affect my 2yr old speech as all right, because my 2yr old does not want to repeat modern words that I introduce to him. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Answers:    Speech therapy is a really accurate idea.

My nephew is contained by the first grade (6 yrs old). His guru is really concerned that someone his age never got speech analysis earlier.

You can find speech therapist at local hospitals, human service agencies, and even in his institution.
When my daughter started to kindergarten she had a calamitous speech defect. She have trouble mostly with the dispatch S. She was extremely smart, but most citizens couldn't understand her. Her college had a wonderful speech guru and after three years she was arded out of the program. Please dance to the school and sign him up. It can't do anything, but support.

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