Activitys for toddlers?

Question:im completeing my diploma and i need ideas for some activitys please help me

You know how toddlers like meddling in the things we grown-ups do, right? I think, It would be good to make them do some messy stuff that won't be hurtful for them.

1. Let them make their own clay than providing them with a commercially made clay, you can do this by asking to mix water and flour and a little oil. You mix it first but let them get their batch and ask them to knead it with the food color they choose as their favorite.. Later let them make their own model.

2. Get a cookie recipe, one that needs kneading, let them use plastic cutter shaped as tree, flowers, etc. let them cut the design they choose and use colored sugar to design it, bake it and return the cookie back to them as a snack.

3. Get water balloons, fill it with water based color, put a board in front, let each kid make his/her own abstract art by letting them throw the water balloon on the board bursting it there!

I hope I helped you!
Umm, be more specific...what is your setting? Lessons? Themes? Time frame? Supplies on hand?
Simonsays, redlight green light, crafts like writing thier names and outlining them with cherios. story time
drawing on sidewalk with chalk- perfect funa nd goes away after it rains!!
catch the faerie toddlers go crazy for that game. take a flashlight, turn it on, shine it against a wall, and every time a toddler comes near the light move it away or turn it off.
good exercise for toddlers.
When it comes to Toddlers, it is very important to encourage and create opportunities to develop their CREATIVITY.

PLAY DOUGH, is a fantastic activity, and offers the benefit of being fun, and educational, at the same time.

What's more, it gives you some peace and quiet apart from a hyper-active Tot! Another option, is to join in, as I often do! PLAY DOUGH is a good activity to bond with your child and spend some peaceful, quality time together.

And kneading the dough helps to reduce your Stress levels. I find it quite relaxing. A Stress reliever not unlike what you'd get from a Stress-Ball!

Getting in touch with your inner child can also prove beneficial for Stress reduction. All you have to to is make a Giraffe (my favorite creation!)

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