I need to entertain 10+ 4 yr. olds!!?

Question:I help out with VBS (Vacation Bible School) and i'm a group leader for about fourteen 4 yr. olds. By myself.. at the end of certain classes we are left with amounts of idle time. Today was the first day and they are all tired of Simon says and Hot Potato. I need game ideas that dont require supplies and 4 yr. old attention spans can handle!!

Hi..do you have access to any music?..Musical Statues is a good one. You play the music and they all dance around, when you press 'pause' they all have to stand like statues. Usually you would pick out anyone who moves and they are out of the game, but you don't have to do that. You could get them to be different types of statues each time they stop. Also "What's the Time Mr Wolf" doesn't need any supplies.
Play "jailbreak." Have all of the kids sit in a circle. then call out different statements for example "If you have on pink shoelaces." All of the kids with pink shoelaces get up and run around the circle ala duck duck goose style, until they get back to their seat. The last person to make it back to their seat goes in the middle of the circle until you call a clue that pertains to them. After a few rounds, several children might be in the middle until there is a "jailbreak" in which case they leave the middle, run around in a circle and "steal" somebody else's seat. The person who had their seat stolen then goes into the jail.

Some other examples of statements:
If you have 2 brother
If you are wearing_________
If your favorite subject is ___________
If your name starts with__________
Duck/duck/goose, snacks, stories, coloring, puzzles, playdoh, maybe a short educational video, and bubbles just to name a few...4 year olds are great helpers. Hope that helps a little.
They did impromptu puppet shows as a filler activity at our VBS.
My 4 year old LOVES Twister. He wins everytime. It's not hard to learn.
You have to keep switching activities, or changing the rules a little bit--like, "ok, now try it THIS way"--cause they get bored fast.
catch the bubbles - blow bubbles and let the children catch them. Use multiple bubble making wands.

help us get to the other side - object of the game cooperating with each other to reach the other side.
Using two large card boards and a goal to reach, first lay card board #1 down and have all the children step on top of it, then place the card board #2 down and have all the children transfer over, then pick up card board #1 and place it in the direction of the goal and have all the children transfer onto it, then pick up card board #2 and place it in the direction of the goal, etc, etc. til you reach the intended goal.
Try using two teams.

ribbon dancing - attach ribbons or streamers to straws and have them dance around and around with the ribbons.

how about a little pool and a sprinkler.

Leap frog,
Red Rover, Red Rover,
London bridges,
Duck, Duck, Goose
play pretzel. have all kids hold hands except for 2 children.
have one close their eyes. then have the other kid be
"the pretzeler" s/he has three moves 2 pretzel the rest of the kids. go under arms, spin in circle, who knows what a 4 year old will think of.
guess the beans contest> get some beans in a bottle then ask them to guess,separate them into groups.the nearest answer win and the others group will have to sing them a song.happy trying hope that it works.
Red light, green light.

Can't they coerce any junior high or high school kids into helping you? The j-hi & HS helpers I had were great & enjoyed it in spite of themselves - even the sports-nut boy whose mom forced him to help!
A good game with no equipment is 'Rats and Rabbits'. You have two equal-ish teams. One team is Rats the other Rabbits. They stand toe to toe and you say either Rats or rabbits. If you say Rats then they have to catch the Rabbits if you say Rabbits they have to catch the Rats. The thing is as they start with the same letter you roll your r's RRRRRRats or RRRRRabbits and they get all confused.
Also Crocodile is fun. You have someone at one end of the room, who must not look, every one else at the other. The children say, "Crocodile, crocodile, can we cros the water, To see your lovely daughter, Floating in the water, Like a cup and saucer. The crocodile says, "Only if you are a girl/ or a boy /or wearing blue/ etc you get the idea. Then all those people get to take a step forward. It is best to have quite a small space and get them to take 'fairy steps' that is the heel of one foot has to touch the touch of the other. Then the rhyme is said again. The Crocodile mustn't look so they don't know what to say tho get their friend to win. The first person to touch the croc can be the croc next time.
Another fun easy game is orchestra. One person goes out. The rest of you are sitting in a circle and you choose some one to be the leader. They start off doing an action and every one copies. The other person comes in. The leader has to keep changing the action, clapping, stamping, touching the shoulders, patting the head, etc. The person who has come in has to guess who the leader is. I usually give them 3 guesses.
Hope these help. My Rainbows (4-6 yrs) love them.
songs and dancing

song games..If you are wearing pink jump up and down, jump up and down, jump up and down, If you are wearing pink jump up and down, jump up and down.
If you're wearing blue hop on one foot....
If you're wearing green twirl around....
If you're wearing yellow leap like a frog....

You can always go on a nature hike around the church, pick up leaves, rocks, look at the different bugs stc.

Good luck and have fun.

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