What are those games for babies and pre-schoolers that hook up to the TV?

Question:I have seen in advertised on nickelodeon. There is one for babies and one for pre-school children. It has a little remote type thingy with shapes and colors on it. I can't remember what this is and i want to recomend it to someone fortheir 4 year old instead of a nintendo wii.

Vsmile is a game that you hook up to a TV and it's a great way . for you children and todlers to learn math, since reading and more.
im not sure, sorry. but at least it would be instead of a Wii, its so bad to get kids hooked on video games when they are so small. i would say dont use the t.v. at all.use toys and human interaction. im 17 and the typical teen who cant live without a t.v., its better to not have ur kid hooked on it.
It's from Leapfrog.

It's called Litle Leaps for Babies: http://www.leapfrog.com/primary/infant/l...

And Clickstart for Preschoolers

My kids (they are 4 & 6) have the Leapster L-Max that can hook up to the TV and LOVE them.
guess what? they just PROVED that videos and computer games for baby like the brainy baby and baby Einstein series actually DECREASE the amount of words your child will speak. Again, proof time after time that no child under the age of two should be stuck in front of a box. here is a copy of the story. and hey, I am a teacher. Those kids hooked to TV, 'educational' video games, and the internet are DELAYED socially in school on average. They may be very social, but they are not 'productive' in play due to poor communication skills. Basically, they cannot effectively talk with their friends, and compromise when needed. This is a skill NO video or computer game can teach. play with your kids, make up stories, live the adventure of the world we live in.
What are they ? A bad idea.

Read to them and with them. Teach them the names of things. Explain how things work.

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