What qualifications do i need to work at a daycare?

It depends on the state you live in. Every one has different rules. The rules also may be different depending whether it's a day care center or a family day care home. Generally there is some sort of background check required and some training, either before or after you start. Check with the licensing authority in your state.
The owner of the day care is licensed to do business as that daycare. yYou need to be hired by them. probably you need to have no felonies or sexual harrassment charges on your record. If you want your own daycare, you need to be licensed in your city. Each city has their own rules and guidelines. Practical things: like children, be patient, like chaos, noise, mess, concerned or rude parents, potty training, paint, wiping noses, breaking up disagreements, and always smile and talk in a soft and calm voice.
For what position? For a teacher, most daycares require you to have a teaching license, depending on the state you live. Aides and assistant teachers or regular staff members just need experience and/or the desire to work with young children.
Here are a list of classes that you will need to be qualified to work in a Day care Center. The College near you the classes would be different in the name.

Introduction to Child Development
Early Child Education
Communication in the Preschool
The preschool Child
Home-Child-Community Relations
First Aid And CPR ( A must)
Health and Safety for Children
Infant Development
Child Abuse Education

3 to 6 units will get you a Teachers Aid job and then 12 units or more will get you a job as a Qualified Teacher. Also go for your General Education Classes also. And if you plan to go on and get your Degree and you can go on and take your classes in Administartion and you can get a job as a Director.
I have been Teaching for 20 years and I have enjoyed it and this is what I did and I continued on and I became a Director at a school and my Degree is in 4 places. I hope this will help.
It all depends what State you live in. Some States require you to be a student of of in Early Childhood. Some don't.
It used to be that all you needed for Child Care was a 20hr course, a High School diploma and a First Aid/Cpr course.

The rules have changed so much. You are required now to hold a CDA in Early Childhood, and the 20 hr course has been replaced with 40 hrs, and then 8 hours about every 3 months, CPR/First Aid ( this can be done thru the center you work in)and your High School diploma. Since each State requires different things, you may be required to have more or less.
I work in daycare and I have to be cpr/ first aid certified. I also have to have a tb test. I have to also have 15 hours of training a year in classes. We can take classes online or go to training seminars at colleges. And a High School Diploma or GED.
Depends on the state. First and for most though you need Patience. I could not teach those little guys.

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