I work at a daycare and our big books were damaged by water. Are their any websites to get cheap books?

Question:Are their any organizations that would donate books to us

Contact Scholastic and see if they have a program. Also try Reading is Fundamental.
half price books
half.com has great deals, also Bookcloseouts.com, I could spend all the money I'll ever earn there.
You might try your local library(s) to see if they'll donate any older/leftovers to you.
The only book website I know is Amazon.

However, I also know that there are Chapters Outlets where you can buy preschool books for under $3./
Not a clue, maybe eBay, of half price books, but why not have some kind of fund raiser, or place a box in local stores,churches, schools (with their permission) asking for book donations.
In New York their is a program called Success by Six, call you local Child care Advocacy center.
Try abebooks.com
I would suggest contacting your local liabrary , I know here in my city that they always have used toddler and childrens books and they sell for about 25 cents each. Good Luck !
check amazon for used "big book" editions!
good luck I am truely sorry about the loss of books. I used to work in a day care and the kids LOVED the big books!
EBAY!!! I get loads of books in lots, for so cheap! Seriously!

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