How can a preschool not be anti bias?

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Your question isn't clear because if you eliminate the negatives from what you said, it means how can a preschool be biased. Anti biased means that the school is teaching an open-minded, unbiased point of view. An anti bias curriculum teaches the children to be open-minded and accepting of different people. Those different people might be differently abled (they might be blind, deaf, unable to walk, etc.), or they might be different in appearance (different color skin, different shaped eyes, etc.), or they might be of a different religion than what is standard in the community. An anti bias curriculum simply exposes the children to these possible differences through books, posters, experiences, etc. so that they will understand that differences are OK, and a good thing.

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Your question doesn't make sense
Your question isn't clear
Look for a book by Louise Derman-Sparks on the subject. Also go to for more information.
OK, some post talk about anti-bias. However, the NAEYC book actually DISCRIMINATES against some 'majority' groups. Basically, tolerance is defined as 'no morals'. hmm, so does that mean anything goes ??? The NAEYC book says to be anti-bias for Halloween, for example, is to teach witches are normal people in the world we live. To help kiddies get comfy with this idea I am to have stuff to make potions, paper so kids can write spells. Now Christmas, on the other hand, I am NOT to mention Jesus, as this may make some kids feel excluded if they are not Christians. So, is this book teaching how to be anti-bias, or is just pushing a liberal agenda into the preschoolers ??
if a preschool discriminates against race, religion, culture, gender, or abilities then that is biased, a preschool needs to adopt positive role models for both boys and girls, eg: pictures of female mechanics, male nurses etc. they need to allow boys and girls of all ages and abilities equal opportunities and equal play experiences. If a preschool fails to do this then they are actively discriminating against somebody and this is not anti bias.

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