Whats it like being a daycare/preschool teacher?

As a preschool teacher you have the opportunity to effect kids for the rest of their lives. Many people think being a daycare provider or a preschool teachers is a second rate job but in reality you are helping build a strong foundation that will last the children in your care for the rest of their lives.

It is a very rewarding job but it will try your patience. It is so important to take care of your own needs outside of your working hours so that you have enough energy and emotional strenth to be the best teacher that you can be.
Rewarding as far as the relationship you have with the kids in your class. Not so rewarding as far as pay and respect. In a nut-shell.
VERY COOL!!!!!!! lots and lots of responsibility but pretty awesome!!
fun and rewarding!
The best bith control on earth!!!
been there done that.
As many of the other have already stated--it's a very rewarding job, but also very difficult. I am going into my thrid year of teaching pre-school. I teach anywhere from 15-17 four year olds in a public school setting. In my case the hard part comes in knowing that most of my students will not know hardly any English. However, I find myself at the end of each year amazed at how much they have learned--and I find it special that I had a part in that.
Teaching to me is one of the most rewarding jobs ever. The main reward is when you see the growth your students make and you have parents thanking you for teaching their student.
I enjoyed it very much and I like working with children.
Hard work, not an eight hour job, pay could be better. But the rewards are great.
I've been a daycare and a preschool teacher.
daycare is better...depending on age...ages 6-11 are the best for me...ive worked with preschool but there is alot of matenace...like cleaning after them ... nap time ... cleaning bathroom problems ... and believe it or not but there is ALOT of custodial responsiblilty.
daycare teaching for older children is more fun
they can poop on their own and wash their own hand...alot time is wasted outside on the playground.the only bad thing about daycare teaching is that the hours usually are 6am-730pm-ish so that sucks when parents are late picking up thier children and by the end of the day the children are at their most hyperist.
You must have unending patience. And because the pay is bad, you must really love kids. You must want them to succeed, be happy and healthy, and want only the best for them. If you have some bad behavior, it can be trying, as they will affect the good behaved kids. so you learn fast that if your too nice, they will take advantage of you. So its a line you walk. But its the only job I've ever had that the (little) people at work run up and give me a hug when I come in on Monday!

One good thing about it is that you will be on a routine, and this helps the kids go through the day with some stability and helps good behavior. usually..

Oh, yes, one more thing...you should have a strong stomach because you will see alot of gross behavior and bodily functions and messes. but you spend so much time with them that the kids become more like family so its not as bad, but it is part of the job.
I am guessing you are asking this to find both positives and negatives of teaching this age group. The positives would be why most teachers do this job. for the chance to interact with children, and to absorb the pure joy that children can get out of the most seemingly inconsequential things. Also, to feel that they can make a difference, and help to set the course of individual childrens learning for years to come (formal schooling, and to aid them in developing the mechanisms to get the most out of learning ie to encourage the children to be inquisitive, open minded, focused and dedicated to learning throughout their lives.

The negatives to being a preschool teacher would be the low wages, the ever increasing paperwork that is required and which sadly is taking away that precious teaching time with the children, and the increasing difficulty in providing quality care and education due to licencsing demands and restrictions.

A truly inspiring and dedicated teacher overlooks the negatives and focuses on the positives, and embraces the joy and satisfaction that the positives provide first and foremost to the children, and secondly to themselves.
The pay is not great but it is the most rewarding job I've ever had. We have tons of fun and lots of laughs!
I am excited to go to work in the mornings because I know the kids are going to be a blast.
I've never worked so hard and had so much fun.
Kids really do say the funniest things!

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