Why do some ancestors quality it is so strange to homeschool?

It's a good chioce if (as surrounded by our case as ably as most schools lately) the local school aren't that great. I won't have to verbs about what my kids are study and yes they will still be socialized. They will still have the option of extra curricular activities /sports /clubs. They will still hold their homecoming dances and proms. They will still enjoy their class trips and field trips. So...what is so strange? What will they miss out on?

Answers:    Being the son of a military man, I be in public school and moved frequently. As far as home schooling goes, I am for it even though I never participate in anything approaching it. My concerns with home schooling is the amount of parental supervision and dedication i.e. required for it to be effective. A parent doesn't obligation a degree or hold a records to home school simply the knowledge of the subjects the kid(s) must swot up. I am concerned that gung ho parents diving into this may not realize all i.e. needed to home school a student. Daily line chores may interrupt the home schooling and as with anything contained by life attitude and physical exertion tend to fade as time passes. Yet surrounded by the right atmosphere and parents, home schooling is far better then public and private schooling.
I guess its the reaction of being home and not next to other kids in the local nouns. Yes of course they will be research and not ditching because there home ... its tremendously relaxing . Its really because of the whole FREINDS entity. How is a kid supposed to have a social natural life being home school'd ? A kid learn to develop his social skills in Elementary School term ... he/she learns to bring back in trouble and how to gossip to people ... etc

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