How can I get employment in the child care field before I complete my training?

Question:I am pursuing a career in the child care field and I wanted to know how I could get employment before I start my training.

Here are a few ideas

Headstart is always looking for I would try there sure to tell them you are a child care education major and you may even give yourself an in once you have finished your schooling.they tend to hire and promote from within and depending how many units you have completed already they may even hire you as an aide...

2nd choice is try the local public preschools/daycare centers.I did some internship time at one and they were very helpful with lots of ideas and gave me access to all of there teacher idea books and most of the staff was very helpful in completing my college class work and very happy to have an extra set of hands to help out in the classes...

3rd.Try you own church ...they often have preschool or daycare programs during the weekdays and sunday school on sunday that help is always needed in

4th .some private preschools also accept internships to assist in their programs but each of them has a different set of requirements and rules so you would have to check with them individually.

5th ...some community colleges and regular universitys also have preschool/daycare centers and they of course are always happy to have extra help...but you have to apply early in the semester or even before hand so be sure to check early on to be sure they have enough places for you to be in to get all of the time you will need.
some center's will hire you as an aide
You could probably do like an internship, where you don't make a typical salary, but are usually compensated in some way. Local community colleges usually have College fairs where you can actually talk to individuals in that field. A lot of places want someone to have some kind of experience before hiring them and by interning or even volunteering you gain experience and can express how much you desire to work in that field. Go to different child care facilities and ask if they are looking for helpers or interns.

Hope this helps & Good luck! =)
Apply to work at a preschool to work as an Teacher's Aide. There are preschools will hire you if you are still a student studying Early Childhood Education. Plus there is always your Practicum. Where you are place in a preschool for the experience. However Practicum a often not paid in cash and are them for experience only.

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