I have a bachelor's degree in sociology but I want to get a preschool certification. I'm not sure what I need.

Question:I already have a BA in Sociology but I would like to get a certification for Preschool. Does anyone know what the steps are to getting this?

You will probably need some preschool education classes if you want preschool certification. Another option would be to obtain a CDA. Call your university and ask the admissions department to refer you to someone in the education department and find out what their recommendations are. Also, call some local preschools and ask them what their requirements are for the positions you are interested in.
Probably nothing or not much. Call an accredited local pre-school and ask about qualifications. They will give you a list of classes that you need to work there. Most likely, you've already taken the classes needed and have the credits.
Depending on where you live go to a community College, there r different certificate programs you can get Between 12-30 units
In most community colleges you will need to take 12-30+ units of child development classes ranging from basic child development to specific studies in general topic areas like math/science, language/reading, general lesson planning, operation of a classroom, most states also require these students to take both first aid/cpr and at least one nutrition class and an infant/toddler class

requirements are different in each state and or local school district so check with them too.or as your local comm college counselor

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