I'm shocked! Headstart is so much better than Pre-School!!?

Question:My child was in Headstart (3yrsold) and he stayed from 8-2pm. They had a family setting for dinner, provided breakfast,lunch and snack. Lots of parent interaction activities. Recess the works. Today I go to enroll in pre-k and they were actually pretty rude and I found they only stay 3 hours and no breakfast for the first month. I dont know why. This is really a drastic change from the other school but it's too far as they are not having buses in our area anymore. What 's your opinion on your child's headstart-prek transition?

All preschool programs vary a lot from each other. I work for Head Start and in my area, they are outstanding. Can you put your child back in Head Start? In the past, I also worked for an excellent preschool program and you would never have been treated that way at the program I worked at. I'm so sorry you had such a disappointing experience. Please check into other programs in your area. Surely you can find something better than this. Check with your elementary school, social service agencies, and churches for a list of other programs to look into. Personally, I wouldn't stay with such a disappointing program. Your child's first educational experiences set the tone for his whole educational career. You don't want it to be a bad experience.
Remember that Head Start is a Federally funded program, primarily for low income families. It was designed to meet the needs of children and families in many areas, including Nutrition and Health, not just to be an educational program. Most preschools don't have the advantage of that kind of funding. However, there is no excuse for rudeness.
My daughter didn't go to Headstart, but she did attend Pre-K last Fall and she loved it. They go from 7:45-3:00 5 days a week, just like regular school. They have recess, breakfast, lunch & snack. They attend P.E., they go to the computer lab, etc...Different districts, different rules, I guess.
Hi I have taught kinder for three years and before that I worked with four year olds at a day care. The 3 hours a day is normal but no breakfast is pretty weird. Who was rude to you? The office workers or the teachers? A lot of times the front office people can be abrasive because they are stressed with all the registrants. If it was them, say something to the principal. If it was the teachers, I'd be a little concerned. It is a drastic change but like other posters said, Head Start if federally funded and is income based. It gets a LOT of funding and a lot of money is poured into educating parents about their child's development. Public school does not do that. Public school is a business and is more matter of fact. Most parents have trouble transitioning their child from Head start because they are used to being treated a certain way. In public school, you are expected to ask questions and be the concerned parent...don't wait for them to explain things to you. Be active and involved and pre-k will be a good experience for your child.
Check for headstart for your child at 4yrs old because when my child went I liked it and I was able to volunteer everyday . Your child will be able to go from headstart to kindergarten if you have the program. Where we live they have a class for three year olds and a class for four year olds and when he got out he went straight to kindergarten and was ahead. They should have a program for four year olds in your area too . Check on it. Atleast you will have another year to get your plans and transitions together for next year.

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