Does anyone have an example letter to give a daycare center two week notice?

Question:My children won't be attending after August and I wanted to type a letter up. Does anyone have an example or template?

I would keep it simple. State what date will be the last day your children will be in attendance. If you plan to have them attend at some point in the future, you may state that if you wish. If you have anything positive you wish to say about the program, I'm sure your comments would be appreciated, such as "I appreciate the kind attention my children have received at your program." If you have any negative comments, those would be appreciated as well, since most programs are always looking for ways to improve. Just keep your comments professional, such as "I feel that my children would benefit more from a program that is more structured," or "...a program that has more variety of activities for the children to participate in." Keep your comments simple and clear and non-antagonistic.
I would keep it short and professional.

Dear daycare provider,
As of (date) my children (names) will no longer be needing care. Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication.

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