Questions for preschool teacher olny???!!!!?

i want to become a preschool teacher and i want to know how much college you need and do you gernally resembling your job what are some pros and cons of your chore did you take control of classes in dignified school b/c i'm contained by high conservatory and i was wondering what nice of classes you took and things like that please and thank you for your time

Answers:    Most have need of no college classes unles syou are going to be a director of a preschool. I love my job it can be intensely challenging and sometimes the kids can be somewhat tough to understand and they are really in recent times starting to learn how to share and play near others and learning to be away from here moms so YOu can see some of the problems you may run into but It is so rewarding especially if you love Kids. A big Con is that it does not really pay that powerfully. BUt it is so great
For most pre-schools, you don't have to own anything more than a high college diploma (and some don't even require that much).

It always help if you have taken some child contemplation classes in glorious school. If your university has a childcare class or a program where on earth you can work at a day thought center, then do it. Child psychology classes would be dutiful, too. If you can get your First Aid and CPR training, that will also look honest to a potential employer. You could get your food handler's warranty, too.

I taught pre-K for 2 years after I graduate from college and loved it! With pre-K, I have more of a curriculum because it be my job to prepare the students for kindergarten. I did course on basic math, writing, adjectives spelling, and phonics. I also had programme that exposed the kids to different countries and cultures. We also had cooking module, music and gym.

If you go to church, volunteer to minister to in the children's church program where on earth you can get some experience near children. You can also go to the local hospital and volunteer to read stories and such within the children's ward.

The more experience you can get working near kids before you graduate from illustrious school, the better.

Working next to young children is immensely rewarding because you can see them learn and grow. You can also be creative contained by pre-school with your curriculum and accomplishments. Sometimes it can be difficult because the kids may act up, but it is very well worth it. And remember, don't yell at the kids, be respectful of them and supply them the opportunity to get the wiggle out before going on a paddock trip where they will enjoy to be quiet and sit still.
To be certified by the state within which you live, you will need to attend a 4 year institute lately as an elementary school/high school don would.

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