How do i aquire my CDA in infants/toddlers?

Question:i have been working in daycare centers for 3 years and have my 90 hours certification.

You do not need to go through a college for a CDA. Contact for information about child care resource and referral agency in your area if you do not know of one. That agency should be able to tell you where to go to take the 120 hour course and learn about the requirements. If you call the CDA people in Washington they may be able to help you find a program and they do have information about funding.The number is 800-424-4310. Good luck.
Rut Ro!
Check a local Junior College. In Okla we have a Child Resource Center that has local info
This is something you would need to find out at your local Community College that has Child Development courses. They can help you. Every state is different on their requirements.

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