What is the tuition for your daycare center?

Question:I'm especially interested in the cost of chain daycares, like Kindercare and La petite Academy. (I'm in Southern Wisconsin)

We live in Rockford, IL, so maybe this is somewhat close to you. My daughter attends a church-based private daycare and it is $170/week (she is 23 months). It will decrease to $165/week when she hits 2 years old.

I looked into sending my daughter to Kinder Care at one point and I think the cost there is $220. However, I do not know what age group this is for.

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my son is 2 yrs. old and goes to a local daycare and his tuition is $160 a week. we live in northwest arkansas
SRLDP - Student Readiness Language Development Program is a federal government program that is free for 4 years olds and their parents. It is a preschool program that is part of the elementary school program Teachers are credentialed and must follow a state standard based curriculum. The teacher child ratio is low. A full time education aide is also present, 15 children per class, 3 hours daily. There is a catch however, parents must volunteer in the classroom twice a month and assist 10 weeks of parent education classes. Therefore, not everyone can attend. There are no economic or educational requirements that a child or family must meet in order to qualify. A parent and/or substitute must commit to volunteering in their child's classroom and attending classes. The program is extremely successful. Unfortunately not every elementary school child can attend because of limited space and a long waiting list.
California- LaPetite and Kindercare run about neck and neck as for prices.

Infant care being the most pricey at $230 a week. Then it goes down in price the older the child gets.

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  • What is the tuition for your daycare center?
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