Do preschool children develop better than children whose mothers stay at home and raise them??

Question:Full Question: Do preschool children whose mother return to work and leave them in childcare develop better than those whose mothers stay at home and raise them?

I believe that parents are the child's first teacher. I am a preschool teacher and have seen that some of the children are better off at times in a preschool setting.The benefits are that they develop better social skills and the teachers are working with them to prepare them for school with their basic skills. If a parent commits to teaching their child and providing them opportunities for good social interactions, the child will do well. Children all develop the same way,but at their own pace. If given the age appropriate learning materials, a child will do well in both situations.
Going to preschool helps develop good social skills, which is very important.
But at the same time, the mother has to spend alot of time with the child too, so that they child does not feel neglected, and then start thinking of their teachers as parents.
My own personal experience is NO. I stayed home with 3 of my children and went back to work with the last. It is a given that some mothers don't do anything whether they are home or not. But for the mother who is interested in raising a child with the intangible insights a mother can instill, There is no question. Care, Concern and Love matter.
And they are things that cannot be bought no matter how much you are paying for them.
im a childcare worker and from my experience with working with children have proved that children who hav been in child care from the ages of 6 months develop stronger social skills and are less likely to suffer from seperation anxiety which is heart breaking for both the child and parent. i hope this helps.
I never went to preschool, and some girl swore to me that I had to have been to preschool because it's against the law not to and I'd be really dumb if I didn't go. I'm actually very smart, and it's not against the law not to go to preschool. I never thought of my teachers as parental figures... (Previous poster... What the crap? Where did that come from?) And I'm very good with social skills.

My nephew is almost 4 years old and he is in preschool, he doesn't seem any smarter than the average 4 year old, he may even be behind. Sometimes it's just what's right for the kid, or for the parents.
As long as the mother is loving & attentive it matters not about her working or staying home!

But as for preschool, it is very helpful for a child!
The structure and the being with other children helps
them grow!

As long as you find the right preschool for that particular child!
This is one of those questions with no absolute answer. A preschooler with a mom who sits in front of the television watching soaps all day is likely to do much better in a daycare facility if the facility has lots of age appropriate toys and caring adults. On the other hand, no daycare provider can provide the one on one attention that a parent can. Parent child interaction is extremely important in promoting development and healthy attachments. So if you are a parent who puts your child first, spends time teaching and playing with them, they will most likely benefit from being at home with you, on the other hand, if you are one of those parents who thinks spending time with your child is a chore you have to do, send them to daycare.
I don't think they develop any better, But they have the opportunity to learn social skills. I do know of one child that should have been in preschool, because her mother didn't teach her (such as learning games,read to her, etc.) That child ended up failing first grade.
no i don't think so i have a child in pre k and a child at home . my pre k child is smarter and talks better than my other child and there only a year a part. they need to be around other children.

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