Do preschool children develop better than children whose mothers stay at home and raise them??

Question:Full Question: Do preschool children whose mother return to work and leave them in childcare develop better than those whose mothers stay at home and raise them?
it;s for a school essay please help! =]

Okay - first - daycare is NOT preschool. Many daycares say they offer a preschool curriculum, but please don't' confuse the two.

My children attended traditional preschool. 2 mornings a week at 3, 3 mornings a week at 4. (9:00- 11:30). But I did not return to work. My son is in gifted and is extremely well liked by all his teachers for his good behavior and attitude.

Had I returned to work, I would have placed them in daycare that offers a preschool curriculum. (Although I worked in one for several years. My kids covered more in 5/7.5 hours a week than the daycare center covered in 40+ hours a week).

Second - any study like this is faulted in that it is looking at apples and oranges. Generally speaking, you are going to find a greater percentage of less economically advantaged kids, single-parent kids, etc. in a daycare center. Kids of SAHM are usually more affluent and have two parents. Unfortunately, these factors do play into the development of a child. The quality of the daycare center will greatly affect your outcome as well.

If you are looking at daycare vs. SAHM you must make sure that everything else is the same except for that factor - that all the kids studied have two parents, similar incomes, etc. etc.

That would be very interesting to find out.
I really can't say, my 2 children had the best of both worlds, I stayed at home with until they were 2 yrs old then I put them in pre-school. I was told that my kids were very advance.
My son went to pre-school for 1/2 day in public school, my daughter didn't qualify for it. I was a stay at home mom both times. Now they both are in the gifted education program and get mostly straight A's.
It depends on what you do at home while you're with them that makes the difference and I'm not talking a full education program. Playing with them, teaching them colors, shapes, letting them use their imagination, encouraging them to think and come up with ideas is what makes the difference.
It really depends on other factors - the qualifications and programs at the preschool, the involvement of the parents, and resources available to them. Often, socioeconomic status and the kids that are around them, either way, also play a factor.

If a mother stays at home with her child and is very involved with interacting with that child - reading with them, providing quality toys, arranging beneficial playdates, going to the park/zoo/whatever, monitoring that child's diet and sleep patterns, and making sure their health is well taken care of - chances are, that child will develop well. On the other hand, if that same mother turns her child over to the TV, lets them run wild, feeds them nothing but convenience food, and does not institute good sleep patterns, chances are that child will not develop well.

If a child is in a quality preschool or daycare with a quality program, and their parents are conscientious of the rest of that child's welfare, the child will most likely show better development. If the child is put in a daycare where the children sit on the dirty floor and cry all day, throwing things at each other and eating the toys, and if the parents are just plain too tired at the end of the day to interact with their children...well, the results probably won't be as good.

It's just not a black and white question - there are so many other factors that figure into it.
As a daycare provider, I firmly believe that the best place for children is home with their mothers unless the home is not a caring environment. Unfortunately, this isn't always financially possible. Preschool children learn best in a loving and caring environment. Home is the idea place for them to grow and develop but there are many quality childcare settings that can fill the void when they are needed.

Signs of a Good Preschool -
I'd say look at homeschooling statistics. If kids who are taught at home for their entire childhood score so much higher than those in traditional school, don't you think sending them to a traditional school earlier would only be more detrimental to their development? : - )
preschool and daycare are two different things. However its always best that children generally are at home with one of the parents. Otherwise the child doesnt learn certain things at a young age and then their parents have regret later on in life.
they develop way better, they learn to be social
I went to a daycare for a little while and turned out fine, but the child should have enough time with the mother as well.
Some people have said some pretty insensitive things here. Let me tell you my side, and you'll see why I feel this way.

Someone said that SAHM can afford to do so because they are financially affluent. Yes, they have to be extremely financially affluent or must sacrifice a certain quality of life.

Personally, I hold a bachelor's degree and my husband has a master's. We are both educators. We make a pretty good living as professionals. We have two kids and we own a house (well, we will in about 27 years!). We have two cars, one is paid for and the other is leased. But we have student loan debt, and we have credit card debt from the years that we had to make it on one income or no income due to college (we could not both afford to go at the same time). I HAVE to work for us to even be able to eat and pay off our debt. We would continue to go deeper into debt if only one of us worked while the other stayed home with the kids. Sure, maybe the solution is to wait and have kids. Well, let me tell you. I waited until 28 years of age. Much later, and I would not be able to have the number of children we wanted safely. Risks to babies increase as mom's age increases. It's a choice we made, and let me tell you, we thought about it extensively - serious planned parenthood. Not like all the people out there who just get pregnant willy nilly. And trust me, I am a FANTASTIC parent. I may not spend every living moment with my children playing with them, teaching them, just like I'm sure SAHM's do (yeah, right!). But I spend serious quality time with my kids when I am with them. And I am constantly teaching them - everything I can, not just school stuff, but life stuff, too. And my kids are smart. My 4 year old can explain things that some adults can't even figure out. And his childcare providers all along have always commented on how he knew everything they were going to teach him - because I teach him at home! I am my child's first parent.

So in conclusion, you might say that I agree with your question. Yes, in my experience, my children have benefited greatly from preschool as opposed to my staying at home to raise them. Without my job (which means I have to send my kids to preschool), we would either not be able to afford food for our family to eat or we would not have children at all. Kids can't develop without food, and they can't develop if they're never born.
Here's some resources as I assume you need to site some

Oh and I stayed home but no I was not affluent just
felt my child was more important than the money so we did without until he was older.

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