What skills do they teach kids in kindergarten?

Question:i never went to one and i dont have a lot of skills so please be as specific and detailed as possible... im really desperate... thanks a lot!!

after being a teacher for the last 11 years i have come to the conclusion that the two most important things that a child needs to get from kinder is social skills and confidence... a child has their personality by the age of five. they can easily learn their abc's , cutting with scissors, writing their name at any age but if your child doesn't have a voice to speak out about what they feel then it is easy for them to get lost in the coming years at school. this is also with confidence. they go hand in hand and are extremely important for any well balanced child... don't worry so much about everything else.it will come.
how 2 spell their name, draw pics, maybe how 2 be polite and stuff.
how to share.
to never settle a dispute with hitting.
to stay in the lines.
to make friends and be nice,
to not interrupt.
how to take turns.
that there are consequences for being naughty.
Oh they learn all kinds of things like

how to sit still for a longer periods of time
how to take turns
how to share
how to be independent
how to work as a team
learn their abcs
learn how to sound out words for reading
learn basic math skills like adding and subtracting
learn about science thru simple science projects
learn about nutrition
learn about animals and nature
School curriculums set the requirements for each district. These curriculums should be models of the state and national expectations. To make it simple, these are some things that every kindergarten teacher teaches:
The alphabet, recognition and sounds *Vowels*
Counting (by 1's but may progress to counting by 2's or 5's)
Simple math 1+1 (near the end of the year)
Writing the alphabet, sentences (although they won't look like sentences), and numbers
Address and phone number
Developing gross motor skills (jumping, running)
Developing fine motor skills (writing, picking up small objects)
Socialization- social expectations particulary while at school
That is really not a comprehensive list. Consult the school's website or kindergarten teachers for their distinct curriculum.
i loooved kindergarten! i miss the naps mostly but it was all really fun. i'm sorry you didn't go to one, you really missed out! but anyways, here's what i can remember and i'm gonna be a junior in high school so obviously kindergarten was quite a year if i remember this much. written work didnt really start until 1st grade so kindergarten was i guess mostly enrichment activities.

+ learning phonics was a huge part of kindergarten, like how letters and letter combinations (e.g. ah, th, ng) sound.
+ letters in sign language
+ days of the week, months, and how to say the days of the week and numbers 1-10 in spanish.
+ played games and toys a lot like lincoln logs, knex, other educational games
+ teachers read books to us
+ sort of developed reading skills but only few could read at the time. if we could read already and read accelerated reader books, we took tests on them on the computer and got points. i dont remember if my school had a rewards system for it, but when i moved, my new school did. we call it AR and eventually getting a certain amount of points each six weeks was required as i went up a grade every year all the way up to 8th grade for me.
+ an art corner with popsicle sticks, cotton balls, glitter, paint, etc.
+ we had baby chicks as class pets
+ we had a rainforest unit that we did with the 1st graders. we learned the layers of the rainforest, foods people get there, animals, etc. then we made a paper rainforest in the 1st grade pod (the corners of the school were pods for each grade where the class rooms circle around the restrooms. there were paper leaves hanging down, stuffed animals in the paper trees, we served rainforest-y chex mix, told people about the rainforest, and stuff like that. that was really fun.
+ and we sang songs, haha!

anyways, hope this helps! =)
how to get along with other children and how to spell and stuff like that...
Phonemic Letter sounds, the letter names, and how to correctly write them.

Spacial concepts - above, below, in front of, behind, under, over, on top, besides ...etc.

Counting 1-50, 1-100 by rote, writing numbers 1-20. One to one correspondence -- see two items and be able to write the number two.
Simple addition and subtraction to 20 using manipulatives.

How to speak in a complete sentence, such as during weather instruction -- the question would be asked "Is it sunny outside." The child would answer, "Yes it is sunny outside."

Being able to listen to a simple story and retell the beginning, middle and end.

Learning the colors

Our kids learn 50 sight words.

Coloring in the lines and using a variety of colors.

Sharing, following rules, interpersonal things

Singing, dancing, playing

Days of the week and months of the year.

Patterns such as ABA, ABBA, etc.

Zipping coats, toileting, responsibility for papers in their mailboxes.

Brave spelling -- sounding out words and writing sentences in their journals.

This is the tip of the iceberg -- hope it helps.
The kindergarten curriculum has changed a lot in the past 20 years. Most kindergartens are now full day sessions and many do not include a rest time because there is so much that has to be accomplished. There is not enough room here to list all of the specific skills the kindergarteners are expected to learn.The site below will take you to the Florida Sunshine State Standards. You can click on the kindergarten buttons for language arts, math, science, and social studies to get an idea of what is taught in kindergarten.


I hope this will be as specific and detailed as you need.
They start reading and early math concepts. They also start writing.
there a b c's how to count there name and writting you should really enroll its a great learning time at that age
they teach the basic abc"s and how to right and stuff like that
- counting
-sorting objects by colors and size
- reading
- many things like that
My daughter just finished Kindergarten and she learned so much. They learn their letters and all their sounds along with numbers. They will learn to put letters into basic words to build the foundation to reading. Colors and associations with them. Coloring, cutting, drawing, gluing. Art projects .Learn to tie shoes and zip if they do not already have these skills. We had units on holidays and the seasons of the year as they came along. They did units on Stars and butterflies watching them from caterpillar stage till they grew into butterflies. They planted seeds and watched them grow. They learned to share and take turns and worked on manners and how to be a "peacemaker" and always help others. We had fund raisers for kids who were sick or families who needed help. We colored pictures for the men and women in the service. You will be amazed at how much they will grow and learn. By the end of the year my daughter was reading like crazy. Good luck and enjoy it because it will fly by vey quickly.
Basic Kindergarten skills are making friends, sharing, recognizing letters, writing names,
beginning math skills such as estimitating, simple addition
beginning reading skills such as knowing the sounds of letters, predicting what might happen in a story, answering questions about a story

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