How do i teach spanish to 6-10year old kids? i am latin and fluent.?

Question:I only have 2years gap to

Use your themes in the classroom to add in spanish. Say you are learning about fruits/vegetables. When you introduce the food use both english and spanish words. If you have the words written for like a bulletin board put both english and spanish so the kids can start to see both written languages. Teach them songs and could have both languages or just teach spanish songs as long as you tell them what they are really saying. Play games and always have them try and repeat you whenever applicable. For younger kids you can incoporate Dora games.
To teach them time, you could have them draw clocks on paper plates. As a group, figure out what the time is on each clock. (Have them do simple times..i.e 1:00, 12:30) Then in groups of two or three, have them quiz each other with the clock plates.
I used the 'MUZZY' movies in elementary school. They are cartoon videos that teach children languages such as Spanish and French. It is funny and entertaining. While the kids are watching the movie, explain to them what the characters are saying and give out worksheets related to what they've just watched.
Also, do a lot of fun activities. Coloring worksheets are effective because kids can learn the names of Spanish colors this way.
At my local elementary school they do the PYP ( primary year program) and introduce spanish as early as pre-k.
They start with doing calendar in both languages, and count in both languages. Most 5 year olds can count to 100 in spanish,know the days, colors, and month by the end of kindergarten. They introduce common phrases, like "How are you?", read bi-lingual books, and watch bi-lingual movies. As they get older, more things and longer conversations are added.
Kids learn things easily.
Immersion in a language is the most effective way to learn a language. The more you can incorporate speaking Spanish into your daily routine the faster the kids you are teaching will learn it. Make it something fun for them by playing games in Spanish throughout the day.
Definitely use the immersion technique. It will be especially beneficial for the younger students. Immersion technique can be fun --you just have to be descriptive in your motions and directions and act things out to get your point across.

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