I have a 4 year old, she can say her alphabet but has difficulty in reading, what is the best way to teach her

Question:My 4 year old can read some letters, but has difficulty in the rest of the alphabet, she gets bored very easily if she doesn't get it right. what is the best way and fun way in teaching her to read the alphabet.

Well to the person who wrote a 4 year old is not suppose to read, I have four boys all were reading by age 3 or by their 4th birthday, all knew thier alphabets and phonics sound by 2.5 and my one year old knows his alphabets. When I say read, I mean read a whole doctor suess Cat in the Hat book to his classmates. I did this at home with them! The first 5 years are crucial. Remember writing and reading are best done when done together, so get some writing books!

You got a lot of great advice on the board, but, my difference is I used them all. I used starfall.com, I definitely used letter factory, word factory, leapsters,Leapfrog products are great!, flash cards, In Between the Lions is great, Library, reader rabbit cdroms, books, index cards and markers, brainy baby ABC's and 123's , and a whole bunch more, literally picking up any thing I see that I thought would be education and FUN! Be consistant, at four give her two hours of constructive educational instruction, maybe 20 minutes of flash cards, 20 minutes of coloring and cutting out the letter A. 40 minutes of computer, 30 minutes of video, 10 minutes of another activity you desire. and it doesn't have to all together, just an hour before nap, and maybe an hour after nap. That is what I recommend. I do an hour before lunch, lunch, nap, 2nd hour of learning, snack!

First I would make sure your child knows her phonics sounds, that is important, then be like wow, that is amazing "every letter makes a sound" wow, and sounds make w-ir-dz. make the sounds of every last words you say. so she can hear you break it up. Start letter factory about once to twice if requested and it just might be! then get your flash cards and review, write down what she knows and what she doesn't know. Sing with her when the A says A, because she will have it down pack when her mom joins in, my kids learned by me singing to them every chance I get in the car, after breakfast, it is cute when my one year old wants my attention he sings his abc's! I taught them alphabet, visual distinction, phonics, three letter words using phonics, blend sounds, blend sounds with previous phonics learned, long vowel sounds, using the letter e, SIGHT WORDS! and for this activity, school zones Sight words flash cards are ultimate, but my son who's IQ is 129 taught himself his sight words in 3 days one hour per day doing Reader Rabbit PHonics. I am sorry I get excited about this topic! You can email me privately if you need more help! I can go on for days.

By the first few years are vital! If you feel she is ready go ahead! Sometimes children get frustrated, and if you don't push a little they give up, I have pushed my kids just the right amount not to have them hate it but to cherish it and smile with delite, My one child gets frustrated often, I cox him to continue to do what ever task at hand. At the first sight of frustration cox her into trying again. Explain that happened to you at her age!

clicknkid reading program.

Both are fun and will teach your daughter the sounds and rules and soon she will be on her way to reading.
i would try to find some tv character that she likes that goes over the areas she is lacking in. or try to find a fun way for her to learn like incorporating some of her favorite activities with learning. like letting her paint while learning the alphabet. jus keep encouraging her and making her learnuing a regular routine so she can progress.
I'm not trying to be a smart *** but have you seriously researched programs like hooked on phoenix? That company is still around and I doubt they did it by scamming people. Otherwise trying a new method of learning. Most kids like television perhaps educational shows like Conjunction Junction series will set her up with the fundamentals in a more suitable environment for her taste.
you should get her the movie "the letter factory". my friends children loved it, and it helped them to understand the sounds that letters make.
do you mean say the alphabet or read the alphabet?
this reading website is really fun to start with.. TRUST ME

it teaches reading phonic wise.. you'll find everything you need for your child to start reading...
dont worry because she is still too young to be reading now.. visit the website and along with the school work she'll be just fine :)
make sure she is identifying the sound each letter makes. words are just combinations of sounds indicated by the letters. make it fun for her and reward her for her success and effort. keep encouraging her!! give her some fun easy books that she would be interested in. good luck!!
You absolutely must keep it fun. There is a television show on PBS called "Between the Lions" that emphasis on sounds and blendings, it is also cute and entertaining. Turn letters into silly songs with her picture books. Point to a B and say buh, buh, buh, BANANA. Keep it simple and fun and only work for short periods of time. She is in the "Pol Parrot" stage and can learn repetition quite easily. All four year olds are bored easily so keep it light and simple-if you push her she'll rebel and will lose the child's natural love of learning.
Don't necessarily "keep it fun," but don't make her do it. At 4, it's normal to know some of the sounds and not all of them. Let nature take its course. She'll jump to it when she's ready.


To JVR (a few answers below mine) It's not a matter of her being "too young to read." Many 4 year olds read. The problem is it's too young to EXPECT her to read.

Like I said in my answer above, let nature take its course. When she is genuinely interested in it, you'll see a dramatic change. Have the materials you use to teach her around and always available for her to explore with. Be there to help her learn a few after she had time to explore with them. But you're mentioning she's bored with it. Fine...let her move on to other things for now.
She's only 4! She is not supposed to be Reading. The best way to guarantee she will not learn and will not like reading is to continue to pressure her. Read to her frequently, answer any questions she may have about words and let her see that you enjoy reading. Other than that, leave her alone.
Don't listen to ppl who say your child is too young to read!

My girls are 3 yrs old (D.O.B 08-11-04) and 2 yrs old (07-14-05). Both can read most of the alphabet and my 3 yr old can write some of it. Not to mention counting up to 10 on their fingers. Heck my 3 yr old does 1st grade logic problems on the computer. Just wanted to show you that a child is never to young to learn.

I never pushed learning on my children, but they see me read all the time so they started picking up books. The only "fun" thing I can think of is making them a huge chalkboard. Not only do they read their alphabet from there, they also write it. Oh!.we also play "I spy the letter." and they have a blast looking around the house for a certain letter.

Once your child doesn't want to do it anymore Stop don't force it. After you go over it so many times she'll get it.

I wish I could tell you the best way to teach and have fun, but every child likes different things...every child learns differently.

Good luck and have fun
This is what I did for my daughter who is already reading more complicated text at 7, as well as scoring near perfect (98% range) reading French text for the first time:

I always read my daughter books with plenty of rhythem and rhyme. Dr. Suess fits the bill here. As well, I always used plenty of expression and antics as I read to make it fun.

When I read I also pointed at each word while ensuring she was watching. What she seemed to pick up quickly was sight reading, being able to look at a word and actually reading it. As long as she was familiar with the sounds she was able to distinguish quickly what needed to be read.

Several times I have caught her reading by herself. A helpful tool in this would be the "Leap Frog" or "Leap Pad" systems, as well as "V-Tech" if you can find them. Reading is turned into more of a game but teaches through the back-door.

I mentioned earlier that she was reading more complex texts at her current age of 7. However, at 4 years old she was already reading simple text by herself in both English and French. If you can encourage a second-language program for your 4 year-old, do it! Their brain is a sponge.
y put the first letter of the alphabet on the fridge in large casing....make it a game that when she goes in the kitchen to yell out the letter so you can hear her...the next day or two put the next letter on the fridge until she knows that one.learning should be fun .and let her put the new letter on the fridge ..when she learns the alphabet then start with words on the fridge get her to put the word on the fridge say the letters then the word and all day yell out the letters and the word.My aunt put huge words no one I know would use on a daily basis for her children when they got to grade 4.the have the widest range of vocabulary.
take it slow, get books with bold print and not a lot make sure the picture and the words are related,see the cat run(make sure the words explain just wnat the picture shows,the child can look at the words and picture they will work hand in hand
don't just use alphabets start of with sounds of the letter
give her time she's only 4. drilling her will just damper her natural love of learning and that won't make for a good foundation for learning academics. just make sure you read to her daily at this age.
read to her, read to her,read to her, read to her, read to her, read to her! it will help! point out the words as you read. get a phonics workbook designed for her age group!
Being able to say ABC. is NOT the same thing as knowing the letters. I would suggest starting with the letters in her name. Intro each letter 1 at a time. Review the sound and work together to make a list of words that start with the sound or find pics of words that do. Don't stress too much. Learning should be fun! If she is stressed out her brain will NOT be able to learn.
Get a Hooked on Phonics Learn To read. Get the one that is perfect for kids from 4-6 yrs old. I bought one for my daughter and that was hilarious...I was the one who first taught my daughter how to read before her teacher on her preschool & kindergarten did.
Find Hooked on Phonics website on the internet. It will help you and your child.
for the past 3 years I've taught in an ACE school - teaching children the alphabet in K3/4/5 - each week we cover a letter and a sound - like a - abbie antelope - the "aah" for that particular letter.. we go through sounds.. then later we get to the "A" sound and the a sound as in armadillo.. so we get to all the sounds. This will help her eventually in reading. You want her to learn her letter sounds before she starts reading, otherwise she may get very discouraged. You can get 3 of those decks of alphabet cards (a-z) which is what I did for school, and mark them up with a black sharpie, with long vowels, short vowels, and the ones that like "butterfly" Y sounding like "i". Also, when I homeschooled my daughter for kindergarten, I used landmark freedom baptist curriculum (LFBC) and she was reading at the end of the year, Macguffey's Eclectic Primer I think it was. That cost was $100, and they have a K3/4 program also besides their K5 program. ACE has a website, http://www.schooloftomorrow.com/... that you can check out their stuff, and LFBC has a kindergarten packet here >> http://www.landmarkbaptistchurch.org/mod...

Both are Christian, if you wish to do a secular teaching, here is a company that has been around since 1937 >> http://www.continentalpress.com/... , but I have not used their stuff, so cannot comment on it.

I've used both ACE and LFBC curriculums, and both are quite good. ACE K/3/4/5 is geared for learning the ABCs and the sounds that each letter makes, all the different sounds, and assorted skills. K5 on LFBC is like 1st grade in ACE, however, has them doing simple math and reading at the end of the school year. ABCs with Ace and Christi is the equivalent of LFBC's K5 program.

I hope I have not babbled on too much, but I have found that just taking a letter and a sound a week works best for smaller children. It may be that she picks up on it quicker and you can go faster than just a letter a week, maybe 2 letters a week or 3, but its important that she gets the letter down, and the sound down, in order to do reading, as she will have to start blending the sounds together.
starfall.com and the letter factory dvd

My daughter is 3.5 and read her first sentence with no help just yesterday!
This is what kindergarten's for.

Leave the alphabet alone for now. Kindergarten teachers would be happy if the children can dress themselves, go potty alone, name all the things in a regular house, recognize 6-10 colors, sit still for a story and play with other children.
Saying the alphabet, is one thing and knowing the alphabet is another. Most parents make the mistake and say my child knows her/his abc's when they only actually know the tune ABCD. Children first learn phonological awareness the ability to distinguish different sounds. Ex. Firetruck to a door bell. When they have reached this, they now can move on to learning the letters and sounds. Teaching them beginning and ending sounds comes later. I would read to her often, give her a print rich environment- meaning label all her things- dresser, hairbrush, etc. Have her look at books herself- ask her what is happening in the picture-picture reading makes her feel important. Read her favorite books to her, include books that have rhyming words and point them out. On your way in the car point out signs, Stop sign starts with S and sounds like a Sssss. etc. make it a game, when your walking or in the car.
Best wishes with your little one.
read her a story and have her sound out the letters of the words and then repeat them back to you
Since you have a computer go to:

Starfall has letter recognition and phonemic sounds.
They have little books you can print and she can also read books online -- and they will read the books to her too. Enjoy this time and don't worry so much that she isn't reading. Many kids don't even know their alphabets in Kindergarten so she is already ahead of the curve. I use this web site with my non reading K-1 students and they love it. Good luck.

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