How do you know when ur smarter then a pre schooler?

Question:because my bro is a freshman and he is as dumb as a rock

you battle one
take a pre schooler test and find out.
ok and what r u asking???
simple ask a preschooler a question. ask your brother a question. whoever is right is smarter.
If he's a freshman, he should at least know one thing a pre schooler doesn't know. Unless he has autism.
They have a kindergarten readiness test they give kids going into Kindergarten, if you can pass it your good.

Good luck with that now!
accidence can happen
If you have to ask yur knot.
wen you begin to not ask dunb questions like this one
Your follow up does not 'follow', and makes no sense in relationship to your main line question, which is obviously rhetorical. Thus, I'd say that you are no smarter than a pre-schooler, and, by use of logic, but yet relying on your less than pre-school ability to judge the facts, your brother is probably equally(yes, not less than) as smart as you. Thus both of you are less intelligent than a pre-schooler. Thus you do NOT know that you are smarter than(not 'then', see above)) a pre-schooler. Thus you have an infantile intelligence. Good Day!
trick question! the answer is Z.
alright, all the responses to the question are really sad. so here's how it goes, as far as i know

so unless he's disabled somehow, he should be smarter than a preschooler. if he's retarded, he would have stopped developing at the age of 5. but, are you saying that his grades suck? or just that he lacks the human common sense?
Oh dear Lord. Your parents bred twice?

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